Need help with my morning reading

Good morning :sunny::sunny: (or evening/night depending on where you are/when you read this),

Today I did a 3-card spread: Embrace/Accept/Let Go

This is my pull:

I need help interpreting The World for the “Let Go” position. I see the upright as a happy card, meaning tranquility, enlightenment, completing one cycle and readying to move to the next → evolution from one state to another. So how do I interpret this for let go? For today I need to let go of completion/achievement goals?

For reference, here is how I interpreted the other two:

Embrace: 10 of wands - responsibilities/ heavy burdens; success has a price → know exactly what I want to achieve and what the “price” will be so I will know if am capable or willing to carry it

Accept: Rev. Queen of Swords - I’m letting my emotions get the better of me and cloud my judgment → lead more with my head than my heart. I need to be more hard-edged, confident, and assertive to be successful.



@MeganB is the tarot goddess around here, but I would say that you have to let go of physical things maybe? Just what came to mind.


Sometimes The World can also signify actual travel, so if there’s a trip you’ve been wanting to take it might be better to let it go right now. It could also symbolize your desire to help people around you ,to “make the world a better place”, so to speak. Now might not be a good time for that, especially with the other cards being focused on your own goals and growth.


Thank you @MeganB! I don’t have any travel planned so I ignored the travel aspect of the card. I do always try to help everyone else before myself. This has been something I’ve been trying to work on and my Deities have been pushing more to focus on my self-care first so that I can have the energy to then give to others. That would totally fit with the other cards and other things I have going on.

Side note, my deity readings today all align with similar theme: introspection, trusting my intuition, and defining my personal spiritual beliefs/path based on what I discover from this journey. Hades even told me to slow down before I burn out.

@Amethyst, I didn’t get that from this reading but Selene has been repeatedly telling me this in her readings. Might be time to listen. :rofl:


It definitely sounds like you’ve got to stop and smell the roses, so to speak :rose: :heart: