Need one information for my personal help

To start with this is an amazing platform to learn, practice and keeping the mind calm. But, today I came here to know something which I am unable to find a solution for. I am in a relation with someone, but there are two major people in his life who are not his relatives but ex colleagues who play a major role in his decision making process be it personal or professional, and regardless to say none of those help him. I have tried to make him understand it in many ways indirectly because he gets furious if I say him directly. It seems they control his life and they are husband and wife. If i ask him to practice something he will never do, but I need to save him from them. Are there any ways or any spell or any prayers that I can do for his well being to save him from them? His family members are also disturbed with this situation and we are not sure if they have moulded him in some way.
Can you help me?


It seems that your friend/partner is in a toxic relationship with those people. His intent is very important, he is going back to these people for a reason. He needs to fix that.

Toxic relationships usually break down self-confidence. Instead of pushing him out of it, try to help him regain his confidence so he can see for himself.

You can offer him a spell bag with herbs for self-confidence and strength, for example: Cedar, cloves, thyme :herb: Also crystals such as Bloodstone, Tiger’s eye, Clear Quartz. :small_blue_diamond:

You can bless the bag with a prayer such as Inanna’s Strenght prayer, or use this Wiccan blessing for a friend with a purple candle.

There is a reason he chooses to be with people who are emotionally abusive and that is the real issue. If it’s draining you, you might need to somehow cut it off.

I wish you good luck and many blessings! :pray:


I had that problem 5 yrs ago with my husband, this married couple would call him and he would run at the drop of a hat. When he came home, he was nasty mouthed to me, cos they did not like me. They did not like the idea that he had someone else in his life and they could not longer get over on him AS MUCH. I did an eye opening (aon hubby) and distancing spell (on them). It worked, after he being led around by the nose for over 16 yrs, it took ummm about 5 days for the spell to work.