Need Some Advice On Starting My Own Local Coven

Hello my pretty pretty witches!
I need some help on how to start my own coven. I have been wanting to start a coven in my local area but not sure if doing it in my local area would be a good idea or not. I was maybe thinking about starting one online instead. Anyone have any advice or ideas they can throw my way? I would highly appreciate it!

Have a wonderful day/night and blessed be! :blue_heart: :dizzy: :pentagram:


I think most of us are solitary witches. I wouldn’t have a clue where to start. I do know that Deborah Blake has a book about rituals for a coven if that would help you out, it might have some tips in it. It’s called Circle, Coven, and Grove.

Hope that helps!


I would say just start local if you’re looking for in-person meetings. Join some Facebook groups if that’s your thing. You can even join websites like Meetup and host gatherings that way. Otherwise, online would be the way to go. You’ll have to do some digging, introducing, and all around socializing to find a group of people that you connect with. I wish you luck in that!


This quote is from McCoy’s The Witch’s Coven: Finding or Forming Your Own Circle:

Covens come in all sizes and structures, many of them good, some mediocre. A few could possibly be called dangerous. A coven may have only two members; I have known others containing as many as sixty.
There are almost as many different types of covens as there are witches, and certainly there are as many different ways to run a coven as there are individual Craft traditions.

In other words, there are no rules besides the ones you want to put in place. You should be clear about the goals of the coven or group; whether there will be a structure or hierarchy; who can join; and a lot more.

Whether you do it in person or online, that’s probably going to affect the rest of the decisions you make, so I suggest you decide on that before anything else.


Thank you so much! I have been searching’s for coven literature!


That’s awesome advice! Thank you! I was thinking of starting one where everyone could be and do whatever they wanted as long as they are willing to share their wisdom with everyone else. It didn’t matter what it was or who you were as long as you had good intentions and shared it with the whole group.
Something along those lines.
Thank you for the advice again!


You’re welcome! I like that author, she writes really well.


I have a hereditary witch friend, she’s from France. She doesn’t run a coven, instead she leads her clan, female members of her family. She’s really strict on showing her grandmother’s grimoire, in which is teaching its secrets to her daughter as the next successor of the clan. Even I don’t know what is written in her grimoire, and never asked. We once in a blue moon work together, because she knows that I work with Hekate and Lilith, which are her Goddesses.


I have an online coven called Earth Spirit Coven - we do zoom meetings quartly.

I have a list of written rites and responsibilities of coven members - and upon joining they take a coven oath. I created a video for them to do the oath with guidance from the video alone or they can contact me for a schedule zoom meeting so that we may do it together or if they live near me, we can do it together.

However, since covid hit us a lot of “in person” covens have not met in person and I know a lot are turning to video conference ways.

I am HOPING this changes - but if not, at least we have a means to ‘gather’ — plus my coven members are from all over the world…so it would be hard for most of us to meet regularly anyway.

We even have a coven sigil and logo.

During our coven meetings we:
Open with a coven blessing and lighting of the spirit candle.
Go over old business
Go over new business
Do a ritual together
Closing blessings
and then open discussion

The whole meeting lasts about an hour.

Some covens even have bylaws - bylaws create a structure that will help to define the group.

For my coven - I have different levels of membership offered - with those levels I offer in return lessons, book of shadow content, meetings, rituals etc…depending on which level they choose depends on what is sent to them monthly. No matter what level they have chosen all are welcomed to our quarterly meetings.

Covens take a lot of time and effort to organize. I really enjoy doing it.


Thank you so much for your response! I would love to check out your coven and see what it is like to belong to one and how one is ran! If the invitation is given of course.


Oh wow thats awesome! I have always been a Eclectic witch and always practiced alone. I was the only one of my kind locally so it was much easier to do things alone.


of course, feel free to check us out! :smiley:


This coven is very nice. I would love to join in the future because the fees are high for me now. Thanks for sharing.