Need some info

Me and my friend need a good idea how much to save each to start a cystral shop, any ideas? I was thinking to start 10k a piece and build from there… (the price is just for the cystrals) the store part we go covered


Oh, I have no clue how much it would take to start a crystal shop :sweat_smile: I think the only person here who has a physical store (that I can remember) is @SilverBear – maybe she can give you an idea! I think it would also be good to look at wholesale websites and their prices. That might give you an idea of where to start, too.


Just a few things - I have a 1200 Sq ft location. Total to open my doors cost me $21,000.

There are a lot of expenses to just open the door.

  • You need to register the name of the business with your state - at least in New Hampshire you do.
  • You need to have a fire inspection.
  • You need to have working fire extinguishers and depending on the size of your space is how many you need - I needed two and they were $125 each - they are specific for commercial buildings to meet code.
  • You need insurance.
  • You need a point of sale system to track inventory and ring up any sales.
  • You need display cases or shelving units to display the products.
  • I would highly recommend also investing in security cameras.

Lots of little things too – like price tag stickers. Business cards. Decorations, welcome mat – not sure where you live but we have snow here so I have a big rubber rug at the front door. Website. Etc.

I have several wholesale accounts I’d be happy to share with you.

A little peek at my place :slight_smile: Feel free to reach out to me. I’d be happy to offer advice and maybe you can learn from my pain LOL


Yes please I would love wholesalers I will need them and I’m in IL