Need some witchy insight

Hello. I don’t know really how to go about trying to explain what I need help with, but I am going to do my best. I have done a few spells for protection and cleansings on myself, my home, and on another individual. Which I do believe were successful. But understand that I have been not so much practicing daily as I probably should have. More or less was experimenting. Sitting in on my friends’ spells when i was in my teens. I have a really difficult time with comprehension. As I have attention deficit disorder and don’t quite understand what I read or how to go about doing something. So, every day I have to reteach myself what I learned the day before and even then, I still feel lost. But people feel as if I know what they need and how to go about handling it. And I honestly can’t give them an answer to their questions. But I don’t want to let them down. I too am still learning but I never doubt myself. So, my friend feels as if something has latched onto her brother. She tried to do a cleansing on him, but she said this thing acted as if it were leaving but was scared to. She said during this cleansing she saw what a woman was turn into a spider in front of her face in her mind’s eye. This woman came back and tried to " return to sender". My friend has the sage that she used. It looks as if there is a face in it but we can’t figure out of whom. Does this make any sense and can someone please help me or tell me what they think I need to do other than a protection spell and cleansing of the home. What am I dealing with?


First of all, it’s OK to experiment. This is how we learn. Accept that you can make mistakes and make sure you go back and learn from the mistakes, however long it takes. It is the desire to learn that makes the difference, not the memory or lack thereof. You are doing fine. Keep u the good work.

Second, it’s OK to tell people you don’t know all the answers. I was often believed to have more answers than I did. It was painful. Worse when I asked a question everyone thought I ought to know, but didn’t. I never learned the answers to some of my questions because, I guess, no one else knew, either… but they didn’t stop using what they didn’t know, which never made sense to me. They acted like I was the stupid one.

Third, there are no real “shoulds” around here. If you want to practice once in a blue moon, that’s what you are comfortable with. Your comfort level is what is important.

Now, the attachment: has he figured out where it may have come from? When did it start? Was there something different about the activities just before the attachment was noticed? It helps to have an idea of where it came from.

Fear of leaving hints that the attachment is intelligent. Have y’all asked it to tell its story? Ask why it is afraid. Maybe your friends can do something to help rather than just kicking it out of their lives without a thought.

This could be the beginnings of a new ability for your friend’s brother. Ask him to research different subjects like mediumship, clairvoyance, and deities which correspond to the different things he is seeing.


That’s what I was thinking too… some gentleness goes a long way. Approaching from a place of genuine curiosity and caring does wonders to dispel fear. :pink_heart:

AD(H)D here too. I get bored with routine, so chaos witchcraft works well for me. The intention is where it all starts with, the intuition shows the way. The language of symbols and rituals can be picked up here, some of it sticks that resonates well, some of it doesn’t and that’s okay too :sparkling_heart:


We all live in a trailer park in Hephzibah, GA. Now its said that the land is an old Indian burial ground. Also I have seen myself men carrying bayonets and rifles, old war veterans from the 1800s. I myself have had several experiences with the spirits on the grounds and in my home. Ive had my wine glasses that were hanging from the rack on my ceiling in my kitchen fly past my head from behind me and fall and shatter to pieces in front of me. I’ve looked at my what at the time was a boarded up window, and have seen nothing but red with soldiers and people tied to trees with blood shed everywhere. Ive made it very clear to whatever spirit is here that i am not leaving. And they got 2 choices they can a) leave or b)stay and we live together peacefully. Every sò often I will notice something has been turned around or moved. Or ill hear footsteps or doors open and shut. So i know they are still here. I have mentioned to my friends that trying the same thing maybe would be a good idea instead of just kicking this entity out. Which its retaliating on them and they are going about it the wrong way for the spirit. Not for them. Her brother has said some pretty messed up things to her like he wants to have sexual relations with her and is talking differently. Using words and phrases like he would say Where did the 2 fellows go. When normally he would just ask where they are by their name. Hes also been talking to either himself which in this case i believe hes talking to this spirit . He has no mental conditions and this is very uncommon for him to be talking to his sister in such a way that shes uncomfortable around him .


Hmm. Sounds like mediumship to me. Set some boundaries like times to visit and times to stay away; what is the proper way to treat a lady, sister or no, and use honor and shame if you need to. Many of those visiting seem to have been brought up with decent manners, but they may need reminders. During the times of no contact, build up protections; but make sure to release those protections during promised times of contact.

When you do allow contact, be proper about it. Treat them as you would have them treat you. Ask their stories. See if there is anything you can do to help them. Perhaps learn a bit more about helping spirits cross over? Just make friends, first, or they will react as though it were just another ploy to get rid of them!

Even if the visitors are Native Americans, there is a sense of honor and respect. Stories we have heard over time often do not reflect that. If you need to, ask them to teach you, but do your research, too- tribe names, land use, battles in your area, ownership issues, etc. Sympathize where you can- after all, they may be doing to you what was done to them.

You did well:

That seems to have calmed things down a bit for you. Moving things to say hi is much better than breaking stuff. When you notice such gentle things, greet them politely like saying hi to a neighbor. If it is inconvenient for a conversation at that moment, ask for a better time. Maybe offer them some tea or a biscuit or a puff of smoke when you can. Natives like a pinch of corn meal or maybe a bit of tobacco if you have some available.


@georgia This is so lovely how you handle this.

A point I learnt about living with spirits, even nice ones, is that they do absorb some of your energy. If you’re ok with that, fine. But you can ask them kindly to go to peace. They may be trapped. You can send them with love back home. They probably would like that. The more peace and love you send out, the more they’ll finally return. The ones that refuse or get aggressive will need stronger measures to get rid of, but most will respond to a bell or clapping and being asked politely to go home in peace and love. :green_heart: