Negative energy magnets?

Can’t remember if I have asked this before.

I cannot help but notice that there are a lot of protection spells, jars, amulets, etc. Why do we need so much protection? Are more witches more susceptible to negative energy? And if we’re about love and light and harm to none and the threefold rule, how is all this negative energy accosting us?

Yeah, I know, I think too much, but what do you think?


Greetings @Undomeher,

I think this is a great question- and one that I had to stop and think for a bit before I found an answer! I always appreciate when there’s a question that makes me stop and reflect :grin::+1:

Baneful Magick

While many witches follow codes of ethics (and there are many different ones out there- from the Wiccan rede, to the concept of karma, to personal ethic systems, etc.) that warn against the use of harmful magick, there are also witches who choose to not follow these codes of ethics and use various forms of harmful magick in their practices.

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Black/Baneful Magick can be defined in many different ways- for the sake of the discussion here, I’ll use the term “Baneful Magick” to cover any magick cast with the intent of causing harm. This can include hexes, curses, revengeful spellwork, etc.

In general, if someone is casting with the intent to harm someone- they are casting Baneful Magick.

(I won’t go into “grey” magick or the discussion of defining what is “good” and what is “bad”- there is a lot of great talk about those conversations in the other Baneful Magick threads!)

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While it is true that some people do not believe in Baneful Magick, if you do believe that it is possible to direct magick to cause harm, I think it is natural to feel the urge to protect yourself from it.

Unintentional Curses

While Baneful Magick is intentional, some witches also use protection spells to protect themselves from unintentional negative energy. There’s a great discussion about the unintentional curses (even from things like compliments!)- you can check it out in the Nazar Evil Eye thread.

Non-Human Negativity

Some also feel the urge to protect from non-human “attacks”. Life is full of crazy things after all! Some feel the need to protect from all kinds of negative things or potential disasters that come from non-human sources such as: evil spirits, natural disasters, bad luck, general misfortune, etc.

While many spells, jars, and pouches have a specific target (protect from lack of money, defense against an ex-lover, protection from bad weather, etc.) I’ve seen the most popular defense spells tend to be against bad luck in general.

I hope that helped to give you a better idea about some reasons why protective magick is so popular! I’m sure others will have some wonderful suggestions for you as well.

Blessed be! :sparkles:


Hello @Undomeher

Thanks for sharing your question. @TheTravelWitch explained nicely, but I will add something very short with her.

Why do we need so much protection?: Every magical and non-magical being is divinely protected, but if any person tries to harm us, then we need to protect ourselves. In this situation, non-magical people rely upon destiny, but magical people take direct protection from the universe.

Are more witches more susceptible to negative energy?: Generally witches protect themselves from negative energy. You know, there cannot be any energy without negativity. Witches reverse negative energy to positive energy easily through spells and enchantments. In the rarest of rare cases, we can find that bad witch who brings harm to others. This is not generality.

And if we’re about love and light and harm to none and the threefold rule, how is all this negative energy accosting us?:- Let me give you an example then, my aunt and cousin are trying to curse me since 1999. They are not magical people, but they know someone who is sending chaotic energy regularly to our house with an intention to break my relation with my mother and father which will give them something which is priceless for them, BUT they are unable to do so because I am 13th generation witch from my maternal side and 2nd generation from my paternal side. We witches know about “Rule of 3” or to harm none, but this does not mean that others cannot attack you.

I hope this clears your gray area a little, but if you have any further questions, please feel free to share your thoughts and questions with me. @anneshakargupta


Hi @Undomeher It sometimes seems to me that we can indeed get carried away with protection and go overboard. Personally, I just use an amulet occasionally and don’t do much else unless I was certain there was an issue to deal with. I think as witches we need to become a little more comfortable with the knowledge that there are all sorts of energies and beings sharing the universe with us and we don’t need to go about banishing everything and shield ourselves perpetually. Its also draining and sort of exhausting to maintain excessive protection magics. Trust your instinct on such matters or do a divination to see if you truly need it. In my opinion, there’s no need to go around fully armored up like a tank all the time :slightly_smiling_face:


Hello @Undomeher, hope you’re doing good. I’m going to share a small quote from a book from Paul Huson: Mastering Witchcraft. In which he warned.

“The moment that you set foot upon the path of Witchcraft, a call rings out in the unseen world announcing your arrival.”

Not everything is love and light in our practice, even a love and light witch, by just saying; oh I love your hair, I wish to have mine like that. That simple statement is a bad eye. Because in a way, she’s jealous of your hair. In the mundane world, you’re going to cross with a person that will wish you bad things in life also. Another example is on conversations, when someone tells to us things that hurt or that we understand that isn’t right, the first thing we do unconsciously is to cross our arms guarding our heart chakra. Is a nonmagickal mechanism we all have and use. I also agree with @Valen, because of this, it doesn’t mean that we’re going to live in paranoia.
Is by the quote I shared and the simple examples I gave, that we all as witches, magickcians, practitioners, should know and have at least a idea on how to guard ourselves.


Wow! Thanks everyone for your thoughtful answers. A periodic diviniation seems to make sense to me.

I wish there was Protection from Deer spell that I could have cast on my car. I hit one last night on the way home. I’m alright, but the repairs will be expensive and inconvenient.

HMMM…casting a protection spell on my car…? Might need to think more about that…


Glad you’re alright! Too bad about your car. Ouch!


Thank you. Just got the estimate - $3800. Insurance will cover most of it, but I definitely didn’t need this in my life.


Hi Undomeher :wave:t3: You’ve already go a lot of great answers here but I wanted to chime in with my thoughts and answers to your questions, too :blush:

Why do we need so much protection? – I’ll echo what Pedros has already said (because he beat me to it), that when we open ourselves up to the energetic world and start working with said energy, our energy and workings can act as a beacon to other spirits around us like a lighthouse. It’s not necessarily a magnet, per se, but it is a light that shines in the darkness that brings attention to the rocky cliff ahead. Those spirits can then either go toward the lighthouse, toward our energy, or steer clear of it. This in turn can lead us to have more spiritual encounters, more bad luck or malevolent encounters, and even more beneficial encounters.

There’s also unintended curses or hexes that we can be given such as the Evil Eye :nazar_amulet: that we can protect ourselves from. We never really know the intentions of others so I think protection is important. I also like to look at it this way → I am heavy into many different spiritual and witchcraft communities. One thing that some people like to do is hand out blessings left and right. I see it all the time, May Hera bless you! or May Hermes guide your way, and while these blessings are usually intended well, not everyone wants or needs the blessings of those spirits. Having protections in place can keep those particular blessings away, i.e. someone can have their deity of pregnancy bless me but my protections are gonna shut that down real quick :laughing:

Are more witches more susceptible to negative energy? – Again, I don’t think witches are more susceptible to “negative” energy (and energy isn’t inherently negative, either). We just happen to be more aware of it around us. It’s that awareness that gives us pause to protect. While we do all these protective spells and wards, no one really bats an eye at the nightly prayers of Christians, prayers before sporting events for the protection of the players, etc. That’s more visible, in my opinion, but I feel like what most witches do is on the same level.

And if we’re about love and light and harm to none and the threefold rule, how is all this negative energy accosting us? – Not everyone is love and light or follows the Wiccan Rede, as @TheTravelWitch pointed out. And someone can be as love and light as possible, but we’re all still human. We can still get envious and jealous, throw the evil eye unintentionally, mutter a curse under our breath – those things all hold weight and power whether we acknowledge them or not.

I also agree with @Valen too because we see protection spells everywhere. Everyone is constantly posting new protection spells, jars, trinkets, and amulets but sometimes we can go overboard. I have some wards up around my home, a protective piece of jewelry that I wear, and a charm I carry in my car. Other than that, I don’t do much else unless I know I’m going to need it. My wards and stuff do tend to be more on the heavy side because I’m in the public eye with YouTube and my podcast, so I do take extra precautions, but those aren’t going to be necessary for everyone.

Also, I saw that you had an accident and you hit a deer! I’m glad you’re okay, but I wanted to plug my travel protection charm :laughing: maybe you can create something similar and carry it with you in your car in the future.


Dear Megan, thank you so much for this! I won’t have my pregnancy deity bless you, lol. But if the warmth of my gratitude to you and all the others is a blessing, then you have it. I will definitely be making a travel charm form my vehicles!


I love how easy you said the message you want to share. :sweat_smile:


haha thanks Pedros!


That hurts. Will the insurance cover the cost of a rental?


I don’t have that coverage. And really, I don’t need it. In addition to the car, I have an old truck that I mostly use for hauling compost and lumber but that I could use while the car is in the shop. Getting home from the shop, and picking up my car when it is ready, will require some planning. I live alone on the side of a mountain - no cabs, no buses. Just a real long walk! But I will figure it out. I have some time as it will be some weeks before they can get me in.


Gads. Living alone on the side of the mountain sounds nice until something like this comes up! Good luck, I’ll be thinking of you!


Sorry to hear about your car :confounded:
I had to leave very early one morning for an appointment 3 hours away. As I got into my car, something said “protection spell” but I dismissed it. A few minutes later, backing out of the garage I caught the passenger side mirror on the edge of the garage door and ripped it off. Perhaps one more point for following your gut instinct?


Thanks @Amethyst! I guess every place has its pros and cons. I’ll make it work.

@Peaches, lol I did that once with a different car! Witchcraft…it’s not just for your circle!


You’re welcome!