Nazar 🧿 Evil Eye Protection

I know a few others have written about the Nazar for their protection challenge, and we even have more posts on it throughout the forum, but this is something new to me and I wanted to write about it.

I had recently been looking for a Nazar amulet but I wanted a very specific kind, i.e. I basically wanted to make sure that it was handmade and that my jewelry purchase was supporting a small business. I looked in my local mall a while ago and, while I found a small stall that sold a lot of Nazar amulets, I could not be sure that what I was purchasing was what I wanted. I’m very picky and particular when it comes to things like this.

Fast forward to the beginning of this month when I started browsing listings on Etsy. Honestly, even on Etsy it is hard to tell if what you are buying is handcrafted or just drop-shipped, especially when so many listings from different shops all look the same. Anyway, I found a wonderful shop, checked out the artist’s Instagram, and made my purchase.

Purchased from CHILLONAsatx on etsy

Now, I originally did not know much about the Nazar other than it is meant to protect the wearer from the evil eye, il malocchio, mal de ojo, etc. But what is Mal de Ojo? Well, it’s the Evil Eye! The concept of the evil eye exists in many cultures around the world and the Nazar :nazar_amulet: is used to ward the wearer from the affliction of the evil eye.

Like most cultures, we believe in Mal de Ojo, or Ojo for short. This is what others call the evil eye, or a blast of negativity sent to you by someone’s jealous glance. Such harm can come from friends, family, strangers, or enemies who look upon you with envy or malice. Ojo is easily contracted and arguably the most common form of psychic/magical attack a person will face in their lifetime. The symptoms include headache, nausea, fatigue, fainting, seizures, sudden illness, bad luck, crossed (jinxed) conditions, and more. What most people don’t know is that its easiest for friends and family to give Ojo to one another, and it’s often transmitted by a compliment. Someone who comes up to you and says, “I love your hair, it’s so beautiful! I wish I had hair like that…” is likely inadvertently giving you Ojo, especially if their own hair is thinning or unbeautiful in some way.

There are many ways to cure an attack of Mal de Ojo. In Mexican culture it is often believed that if the person touches you while they say it, it neutralizes the effect by sort of grounding it like electricity. I don’t find this to be true and have often felt that the touch intensifies the effect of Ojo instead. When you have been given Ojo by someone, it’s often important to work quickly. A limpia con huevo is a very common method of removing it, as are barridas or baños with plants like rue, which has a particular affinity for removing and blocking Mal de Ojo.

American Brujeria by J. Allen Cross; pg. 10


Now, Nazar is a word deriving from Arabic, meaning sight , surveillance , attention , and other related concepts. It is an eye-shaped amulet that is believed to protect the wearer from the evil eye. I can’t find any reputable sources, books, or information that I have access to on the history of the Nazar, but I did find that it is believed to have originated in Egypt. It is possible the Nazar comes from a time in Egypt with the Eye of Horus and the color :blue_heart: blue :blue_heart: being connected to protection and the divine.

Either way, I am happy and content with my Nazar jewelry and it seems to be doing its job of protecting me against the evil eye.

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Thanks for the info @MeganB

I have this hand painted one hanging by my back door that came with one of my witchy subscription boxes.


I wear one on a simple black bracelet, it was gifted to me by @Rowan. I wear it along with my other protection charm bracelet. :nazar_amulet:


Oh I love how simple that one is @IrisW :heart:

Aww that was so kind of Rowan to gift one to you @Siofra :partying_face: Do you feel like it works well?


I wear mine as well, @MeganB I do feel like it works well. I’ve had it quite a while it’s just now beginning to fray a bit. Might be time for a new one.
@IrisW I love your one outside!


I also feel like it works well & I’m going to need to find a new one very soon. The knots on the ends to make it larger or smaller have come undone. So, I’ll be trying to find one, probably on Etsy or in Salem.


Oh wow- that is something to be aware of! :astonished: Who would have thought compliments could be hiding a hex (of sorts). It kind of reminds me about the Trojan horse- an attack wrapped up to look like a gift, whether it is intentional or otherwise. Really interesting!

Enjoy your new treasure, @MeganB- it’s a really beautiful ring! (no evil intention included with this compliment! :wink:)

Thanks so much for sharing your wisdom! :heart::nazar_amulet:


haha thank you! It’s interesting to me, too, but it does remind me of times where I’ve complimented someone but also had a tinge of jealousy or envy in my voice or thoughts. It makes me aware, too, of how my actions and thoughts might possibly affect others even when I genuinely mean the compliment :woozy_face:


You’re right! It makes me think that learning about the evil eye teaches more than just methods of protection- it also encourages awareness and being mindful of how we express our intent (both on purpose and accidentally). An important thing for all magick-users to keep in mind!

Really valuable wisdom- thanks again for sharing it, @MeganB! :heart::pray: