Negative things bothering my daughter

So I have a bit of a situation. My daughter lately is saying she can hear whispers. Just this afternoon, she was in the kitchen behind me and she thought I pulled her hoodie. I didn’t, as I busy stirring something on the stove. She is now afraid to sleep in her room, as that is where the whispering happens. She also said she fel something under her bed but the cat was in the living room and couldn’t sneak in— her bedroom door was closed closed

So tonight I did a cleanse in her room. Banished the negative energy then cast a circle so that I could bless her room.

I left some black salt for a bit and an obsidian stone near her bed. I plan to dump the black salt outside after an hour

Hoping it’s enough.


Sounds like you did good. You may have to cleanse the whole house though.


yeah I did that today, as it was after 11pm and I had just finished work, so just wanted to get her settled


Good idea! Maybe make a smudge spray she can use to drive anything away if she hears the whispers again.


Ohhhh I like that idea, thanks!


You’re welcome!


I hope this doesn’t come across in a bad way, but if she is watching horror movies I’d suggest she take a break. I’m not saying that there aren’t entities around us, some kind and others mischievous, but our minds are VERY powerful and I will frequently have issues with similar things if I’m watching a lot of horror movies. Especially ones dealing with hauntings and evil spirits. I’ve known many other people that have gone through it too.

Just a thought. Also have lights on and listen to uplifting music and watch uplifting things. If it’s indeed entities that are not friendly, even if it’s a ticked off house spirit (think fairies, for lack of a better word) they will not enjoy being around positive energy. And if her mind is playing tricks on her, it will help set her mind into a better state… though it has taken me weeks sometimes when I’ve freaked myself out.

Anyway I’m just speaking from experience. I’m not trying to invalidate what she’s going through. I hope she will feel peace again soon. I’ve been freaked out by similar things before so I know how frightening it can be.

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Hello @Dierna_Nimue_Selene

I certainly can’t blame her for being spooked- hearing whispers, wherever they may come from, is no doubt a very alarming thing!

It sounds like you did a great cleansing ritual in her room- I’m sure that your work, love, and support is a massive help for your daughter so she can feel more protected and at ease.

For now, I’d say watch and wait to see what happens. If she continues to hear them, it’s time for another approach. If not, then that’s a big success! They may be gone for good, or you may have to renew the ritual again in the future (so, for record’s sake, I’d recommend writing down and keeping a log of exactly what you did if you haven’t already!)

Here’s to hoping the whispers are gone and that your daughter can sleep peacefully! :pray::heart:


I think you did a good job with what you know so far. Hopefully she’s feeling better now that you’ve taken care of that!