New deck to play with

Wow!. After what I been through recently.
First: 10 swords, betrayal. Ends with 2 swords reversed, concussion according to biddy tarot.

Love the imagery!
Thank god for the ace of pentacles.
And I know who’s the princess of cups!:joy:
Princess & prince of cups is all about me.
How to get out of this situation?
Love staying in the relationship, but seems a constant daily battle. Are we so stubborn?
Something, someone needs to give up!
I think I will sleep it off and wait to see what next day bring in.
Today is number 7 for me. So, take a day off.
After reading Biddy tarot, couldn’t see clearest meaning to it.
It’s like a crossroads. Have to meditate to find a solution that suits me.
Just had vanilla gin tonic to numb my senses. The only way I can control the beast inside me.
Today is not the day to make decisions.


I love Biddy Tarot!!! I just finished a class of hers!!

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This Ten of Swords looks a lot less aggressive that the Rider-Waite version! What a friendly deck, what’s the name??

Also, for me twos indicate making a choice, which is sometimes paralyzing. But in the end, whichever choice you make will create a balanced outcome. After all, duality is a part of life.

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