New kitchen blessings jar

Got time during my full moon time last night to make a special kitchen blessings jar. Used a few different protection and good luck and courage spells I found here from all you amazing people :heart_eyes:. This is the perfect addition now to my witchy kitchen :).


I think a kitchen blessings spell jar is a great idea - perfect inspiration for me, too. Thank you, Ashlie!

You said you used ingredients for protection, good luck, and courage. That sounds like the perfect combination for a good kitchen to me. Is the purpose to protect and bless your kitchen? Or to protect and bless the food that comes out of the kitchen? Ohhh, or is it both?


I am hoping both. I mean sure I’m always randomly talking to Thor and Freya while I’m cooking asking them to keep my food from burning haha. But I am also hoping that it will just help with focus itself as well if I see it I will bring me back to what I was doing. With my ahdh I have crystal towers all over my house to re focus me lol


Beautiful love it


That’s another great idea :joy: my partner just moved my Selenite tower away from the front door (he’s putting up some shelving stuff) and I’m like uhh that cleansing tower needs to stay there :rofl:

I hope the spell jar works exactly as you want it to! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


It’s beautiful, @ashlie! :heart: I love the different colors of wax you added- it’s very colorful and fun. A great piece for your witchy kitchen! :sparkles: :jar: