New Moon ideas

Does anyone else cleanse/ consecrate or declutter their altars during the new moon? I’ve heard this a lot also some people set intentions on new moons other do releasing.

Just wondered y’all’s thoughts about this!

----Hazel RAE 🩶:nazar_amulet::cyclone:


I think it just depends on what I need. I did a release this month. Let go of all the negativity that I don’t need, you know?


I deep cleaned my altar, journaled about the happening during the last moon phase, and made a list of spells I want to do during this phase.


I usually do some journaling and divination. If I’ve got the energy, I do some cleansing. It hasn’t been that way for a few months though, so I’ve got a lot of cleansing to catch up on lol


@chelsie3 okay so I’m not the only one lol I completely deep cleaned my altar, all my crystals cards and tools. I LOVE the idea of writing down spells you intend it wasn’t to do this mom cycle! Care to share any?

@MeganB you know I love me some divination & journaling this is great!

@Amethyst love this I also feel like it’s whatever I feel like I need to do. Which was definitely clean my altar space and tools. Do you set intensions on the new moon of full moon



A money spell for one (I’ve been living on food stamps and about $20-$30 a week. I designed this to be a long term spell that I could burn a candle for daily.

A spell to find a home. I’ve been homeless/staying with a family member for over a year.

I also came up with a morning spell/ritual I can do every day.

Other ones still on my todo list are anti-depression, health, and getting a car/fixing my current one which is on it’s last leg.

Today I added three of my favorite tarot decks to my altar so I can pull a card from each in the morning.


It depends on the intention. Like, if I wanted to lose weight, I’d do it on the last day of the Full Moon and hopefully my weight would go down with the moon.

If I wanted my money to grow, I’d do it on the New Moon and hopefully, it would grow with the moon.


@chelsie3 I can feel some good vibes toward your home situation I was just in that situation as well, it’s game changing when you have your own space and I feel like your really working hard for it and it will come to fruition! Keep on keeping on!

You got this! 🩵🩶🩷

PS. I love all these suggestions thanks for that!


Thank you so much for the encouragement! :pray:


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