New Moon in Virgo? or Leo?

The Lunar Spell page is saying this new moon is in Virgo…but everywhere else is saying it is in Leo. Which is it…and why does it matter?


The New Moon is now in Virgo, but earlier today (depending on where you are in the world) the moon was in Leo :blush: I don’t know too much about it being in the different signs and what it means, but I do know why it happened that way!


Hi Chelsie!

Megan is right- it’s all about times and time zones. Here on the East Coast of the USA, the exact moment of the peak of the New Moon was 5:37am yesterday morning. During that peak moment, the moon was in the sign of Leo :leo:

At 7:15pm last night, the moon moved from Leo into the neighboring sign Virgo :virgo:.

There are many astrological calendars out there- I like the one on Astro Seek because you can change the time into your time zone! Here’s a screenshot:

From Astro Seek Calendar

Great question! To be fair, it doesn’t matter to everyone- many witches and moon enthusiasts will simply note the moon phase and design their spells/rituals/practice around the moon phase. Many people don’t pay much attention to the exact peak moment either- it’s totally fine to just be aware of the change that is happening.

For example, when the moon is full, there is one peak moment of full illumination, but the moon appears full for a day or two before and after this peak moment. The 1% change in illumination is unnoticeable to the naked eye- so it’s common for witches to practice full moon magick the night before and after the full moon too :full_moon_with_face:

As for why the Zodiac matters, again- it depends on the practicioner. Moon magick is popular in the Craft, but whether or not to pay note to the Zodiac sign depends on the person. For those who enjoy astrology, they may consider the moon to take on certain traits depending on which Zodiac sign the moon is currently in. For example, the New Moon in Leo adapts the firey energy of the Lion, sharing encouragement, creativity, and helping those who wish to perform.

At the end of the day (pun intended! :new_moon_with_face:), it’s all up to you to decide what influences you wish to honor in your practice- when do you want to enjoy the moon phase? Do you like considering the influences of the current Zodiac sign of the moon and sun?

In your practice, you are the judge of what is “right” or not for you- I recommend learning all you can and experimenting to find what suits you best! :blush:

Good luck and blessed be! :star2:


This has been a very interesting post. Learning so much considering astrology is not something I’m very good at. Thanks for all your wisdom lovelies :sparkling_heart:


Wow this is all so interesting! Thanks @MeganB and @BryWisteria for explaining!


You’re very welcome! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I’m glad I was able to help!


It’s my pleasure- good luck with your moon magick! :new_moon: :two_hearts:


I’m one of those folks who like to go with the flow of the moon phases and their zodiac buddies. I mean, who’s got time to stress about catching the exact peak of a full or new moon, especially when it decides to pop up smack in the middle of a Texan afternoon? So, I’m all in for celebrating the night before or the night after, just like Bry suggested – makes life easier.

Right now, we’ve got the waxing moon doing its thing in Virgo. That’s my cue to dive into healing, getting rid of the gunk, and boosting my productivity game. And guess what’s on the horizon? The first quarter on August 24th, sliding into Sagittarius. I’m all about spells that go for big dreams, seeking wisdom, and giving a high-five to freedom.

Now, let’s talk moon magic strategy. From the new moon to the full moon, I’m in the “let’s bring it in” mode. But when it’s full moon to the next new moon, it’s all about “letting it go.” What does that really mean? Well, imagine a waning Aries moon – that’s like the universe’s nudge for fresh starts, a shot of confidence, and personal growth. So, during this time, I’m releasing the chains of negativity and waving goodbye to drama. When the moon is waxing, I’m turning up the volume on my intuition and giving a shout-out to healthy boundaries.

Then, there’s the Libra moon, all about love, peace, and fairness. When it’s the waning phase, I’m cutting those energy-sucking cords, freeing myself up. But when it’s the waxing time, it’s all about giving myself a giant bear hug of self-love. Because who doesn’t need a little extra TLC, right?

There is no right or wrong way to use lunar magic so do what calls to you.


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