New moon routine

So I have started the routine of following the moon phases. Tonight is a new moo and I have put my crystals, tarot cards and a jar for moon water out.

What do you do during the new moon? I’m curious to see what others do.


Tonight I will most likely ground either by sitting in the grass or walk barefoot. I will release and accept changes in light love and no harm.


Hi @lerena and welcome. I’ve completed my routine for tonight’s new moon. Mine is pretty simple, conduct my invocation, welcome my spirit guides to be with me however I also ensure nothing more is present that I don’t want, then begin my ritual light my candles, place my crystals on my altar, use my singing bowl, write down what I want to manifest, then close my eyes and listen to some meditation sounds for about 30 minutes.


Hi and welcome @Dierna_Nimue_Selene


I only do that on full moon, but I think its interesting to use another moon phase! Today I will put some crystals and a oracle card and I will do the New Moon chant

Thank you so much for the idea!!


Greetings @Dierna_Nimue_Selene!

I hope you had/are having a very blessed New Moon! :sparkles:

I’ve decided to use the New Moon as a time of rest in my practice, as I see it as the “low phase” or “resting phase” in the cycle- it’s the balance to the power of the Full Moon for me :new_moon: :balance_scale: :full_moon:

That being said, there was something about this double Sun and Moon Scorpio energy of the Eclipse that really called to me- I was able to do a lot of studying/building my Herbal Grimoire, did a small refresher spell for a long-running spell I’ve been working on, and did a very early morning meditation while the sun rose :sunrise_over_mountains: :herb:

I’m loving hearing about everyone else’s New Moon/Eclipse plans and spellwork- thanks so much for opening up this discussion, Lady Morgaine!

Blessed be! :sparkles:


On the last new moon, I created a Moon Oil Potion! This time, I did several things for the New :new_moon: Moon/Eclipse in Scorpio :scorpius: because I have a strong Scorpio influence in my Chart, and also other family members too!

  • Meditation to release and renew
  • Astrology Charts and Reports
  • Tarot Card Readings

Hi @lerena
I just wanted to say “Hello :hugs: and welcome to the forum!” :infinite_roots:

With love :heart: and magick :dizzy: always


Hello!! I have been following the lunar cycles more and more. The night of the true new moon, I use it as a period of rest like @BryWisteria. The night after the new moon, I do an intention-setting ritual based on the moon’s sign at the time of the new moon. I use the information that Yasmin Boland provides on her website and her free Moon Lite Collective membership, which also includes a full moon releasing ritual.


It’s very nice to hear that more people are starting to get in tune with the cycle of the moon and it’s energy. The new moon :new_moon: it’s always up in the sky during the day and as she is slowly waxing she is going to be less and less during the day and more during the night until she’s full :full_moon: wean she will be completely up during the night. Now with this being said it’s understandable why I have never heard of taking out something to charge outside during the night for the new moon, for it’s peek energy is during the day, as she is no longer up in the sky during the night (charging objects at the other celestial objects it’s another matter all together :wink: but moon water :thinking:) now I’m not saying it’s not possible… the energy of the moon is there regardless of whether or not she’s up in the sky or not it just makes no difference if the object are outside or not in the time that she is no longer up in the sky.
A constant reminder of the darkness in the day and of light in the darkness.
Wean somoane asks me if they should start following the cycles of the moon I always recommend just observing the moon’s energy in every one of it’s wonderful phases for at least one complete cycle.
Just in case I may have misunderstood your post and your not a beginner at this, I do apologize :pray:t2: so please disregard what I have said, in any case I wish you all the best in your endeavor of this magickal journey ‘’ Magick of the moon ‘’


Last night I did a ritual of discarding what no longer matters or serves, cleansing myself of its energy, recalling/reclaiming my power, and setting goals for the next cycle.

So basically, housekeeping.


UPDATE: It was actually The Last Full Moon! Duh! :upside_down_face:


I love :heart: “Yasmin Boland” too! I also have her books and cards which I recommend!


@Dierna_Nimue_Selene I too use new moon to rest, reset and ready myself - however the new moon in Scorpio with a partial eclipse was more than I could take, so we made moon water this time! I can’t wait to use it!


I have her cards on my wishlist! I use her monology diary and have her books on my kindle.


I am learning so much from this forum lol. Here I thought it was intended as a good time start things (hense ‘new’ moon). Now I’ve learned otherwise.

Even better now I have ideas :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:


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