New Moon- Something Different

Something a little different to do during a New Moon.


Was reading in a couple of minutes before the book of Blood and Bones, going to share part of the page I stopped reading.

Most popularly, the dark moon is a time of meditation, divination, cleansing, and banishing. It’s a time for truth seeking and growth. It’s a time for clearing out the old in order to welcome the new.

I open the Spells8 forum and stumbled with this post.
Blessed Be!


I love this idea of using the New Moon to just listen :ear: . It’s a good activity with tarot too, when I don’t have a specific question to ask. It’s freeing to open up to the universe and see if there are any messages to be received :open_hands: :envelope_with_arrow: Thanks so much for sharing, @SilverBear!

It sounds like things are aligning for you, @fabian- perhaps you’re being nudged towards some particular magick this New Moon :new_moon_with_face: And that you’re hearing the message loud and clear! :grin::sparkles:

Wishing everyone a blessed New Moon!


Thank you so much!! I love your videos, advice, everything you have to offer is taken humbly!!


Thank you everyone!


Actually, I’ve been feeling quite tired this week. Cancer New Moon is my new moon, so I’ve been feeling energetically drained, but my intuition has been sharpened. I am taking this new moon as a resting moon and let my emotions quite down. I am still inspire to do something, but I haven’t plan much. I will let my intuition play its course and see what new revelations are awaiting for me. Thanks again!