New papers and catching up 2

I’ve always had an affinity for the moon. As it calls the tides but it also calls to me. I greet her every morning before sunrise and enjoy every moment. From her full bright smile and as well as when she shrinks from the site only to grow again to her glorious fullness.

I can fully understand why our ancient ancestors held her in awe, for she gave us light, in the darkness of night with her unearthly glow. Then, as a shy flower, she drifted into the shadows, as we hid in our deep dark caves.

She lights the way on the darkest nights
Whether a silver of silver or a giant white globe
She’s always there, doing what she does
When you look at the night sky, thank her.
For the life we live on Earth.

How different would earth be without her?

Well, it would be much darker.
A day could be 6-12 hours, instead of 24.
A year might be over a thousand days. Rather than 365.
Why? The Earth’s rotation would slow down because of the
pull of the moon, or lack thereof.

The oceans would change, becoming 1/3 the height they are now.
The tilting of the earth would vary.
And the weather could become very erratic.
Maybe we should keep the Moon just as she is.
Bright blessings


I can honestly say I’m scared of the thought! Even with streetlights and other artificial light to light up the darkness, they just can’t compare to the natural light of the moon. Nights when the moonlight lights up the fields and forest are the most magickal ones, if you ask me :full_moon: :sparkles:

Beautifully written and deeply explored as always, @Garnet- thank you so much for this lovely piece! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Blessed be!


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