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I woke up in the night with my bones telling me that they were unhappy. So I went to my cupboard and found my pain rub was almost empty.
Time to make a new batch. Which I did, it took the longest for it to cook and solidify. After application, all my ‘hot spots’ were much happier.
While I was waiting for the cooling process, I surfed the web and found a very interesting site"

Very interesting, give it a look, see?
Blessed be


@Garnet I hope you are better my love!
Ever since Man was created, he felt powerless in front of the power of Nature and scared of the unknown that awaited him after death. So he began to create Freshness-Doctrines with older ones, I think Zoastrianism or Brahmanism. I’m not sure. But before Religions, Man tried to different movements, words and rituals to calm Nature and overcome difficulties And this is where Magic is born Before and above every Religion As the years passed in this journey of the Spirit, Man needed helpers and thus tried to connect with Gods and Goddess energies who came before him in the astral world Very beautiful website and informative about the multitude of Religions thank you very much!


It always takes longer to cool when you’re waiting to use it!

Great site, it looks like it covers just about everybody! Thanks for sharing!


Thanks, @Garnet it does look interesting. . .


I know that middle of the night pain. @Garnet It feels like one of the biggest body betrayals. I’m glad you were able to get some relief.
Thank you for sharing the site, I will be checking it out.
Would you mind sharing your pain rub recipe?


Pain Rub to the rescue! I’m glad you were able to put together a new batch and that it helped. Hope you are feeling 110% now, Garnet! :hugs::two_hearts:

I love Learn Religions- they have a lot of wonderful articles and resources available. It’s one of those educational sites I can get lost on for hours, clicking from one thing to the next! :laughing: :books:

Lots of love and blessed be!


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