Next Month from the Sun & Moon

Next month, there will be:

14 October 2023: Great American Eclipse (Annular Solar Eclipse) [T&D Site]

28–29 October 2023: Partial Lunar Eclipse [T&D Site]

Does anyone do anything in particular during these events? Or have any thoughts they’d like to share about them?

Unfortunately, I will miss out on the first solar eclipse. But I might see the lunar eclipse!

I noticed there’s some inspiration on the Spells8 home page regarding eclipses:

An interesting page about lunar transits:

And some fun tools as well:


Oh my stars, I wrote this whole post thinking that this month was October. Even though I drew the Death card over here and consciously wrote down “September”… :woman_facepalming:

I’m now wondering if that was meant for October. I will note this down and return to it in a month.


I’ve come to treat eclipses in a similar way as new moons- I use them as a time to pause. Although for me the new moon is about rest and going within to heal and do some self-care, while the eclipse is about pausing to be aware and observing the moment externally (if that makes sense!) :eyes:

I’m glad I’m not the only one! Time is a very fickle thing and sure is hard to keep track of- what do they say about herding kittens? I feel the same way about “herding” the days and weeks :sweat_smile:

Anyways, I am super excited for October and am delighted to think about everything coming our way next month- thank you for sharing the eclipse info, Starborn! :pray: :heart: :black_circle:


I love this idea. Like taking a step back and appreciating the moment without being so totally immersed in it. I’ll have to try it. :smile:

I have two cats, one is still young (almost 10 months old), and I chuckle to myself whenever I pick a cat up in each arm to get them all sorted. I’m learning that it’s a really accurate saying for many things, just as you said with time. :joy:


I knew there were eclipses coming, just not when. Thanks for the info!

I honestly treat them as just another day… :woman_shrugging: There’s nothing real special about them for me, but I do like @BryWisteria’s idea of treating them as a day to pause and notice what’s going on around and outside us.


Hahaha that is one way to get them in line! We have two cats here too and as much as I’d like to pick them up to get organized (especially at food time!), one of them is, well, let’s just say he requires both hands to lift up. He’s a chonker :sweat_smile:

Exactly! :blush:

If you decide to make it part of your practice during the eclipse, I hope it works well for you too :heart: :black_circle: :sparkles:

Blessed be!


I did some light digging and found some interesting things that could be of use.

A lunar eclipse is good for charging with the power of absence, baneful working, and peace. The next lunar eclipse falls between Thursday and Friday, days of prosperity and harmony, arts, and love. So, you know, if we skip the baneful part, that’ll be a fun time! :smile:

Meanwhile, a solar eclipse is good for charging with the power of absence as well, banishment, endings, and… death curses. :scream: :skull: However, the next solar eclipse falls on a Saturday, which is perfect for doing some protection work! :pentagram:

Anyway, I’m just combining the sun/moon status with the days of the week – not coming up with any new stuff here. But the days themselves are sure special and sometimes we might want to draw on everything available to us. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Nice! Always feels good to load on some protective magick :shield: :relieved: :sparkles:

These are great ideas to keep in mind for the upcoming eclipses- thank you, Starborn! :pray: :heart:


I could use some of this energy, and I’d like to stay away from the baneful stuff :joy: maybe it’s time for some lunar eclipse workings