Not sure that I did different but not complaining

So I’ve needed to get my house clean. Depression and otherwise just being a procrastinator has let it slide into gross for too long. We are talking Covid too long. I work from home and I think I just let myself get blinded and also, tho this may sound crazy, think something of the spirit/energy nature has been feeding on that. So I became apathetic to the point my living room and kitchen were total write offs. I won’t even post a photo, I am so embarrassed.

But I’ve been meditating a lot, working on me. Doing rituals that include sigils for motivation and cleansing the whole house more regularly than before. Suddenly I’m full of energy and I’m cleaning like I haven’t before. Yes the building manager will be here on Nov 8 for an bi-annual inspection but that didn’t faze me before. Now I’m motivated and using that to my advantage to get things clean or cleaner than before. I feel like the house is missing that heavy feeling that seem to hang, like something left and isn’t coming back. I did blow cinnamon through my door for the first time as well at the first of the month and this seems to tie into that timing.

Either way, whatever it is, I’m not complaining and feel like I can get stuff done now. Hurray for kicking my own butt into gear, lol


Ah, apartment inspections. Guaranteed to get you in the mood to clean. You’ll feel much better once you’re done, and the whole house will seem light. Good luck!


Our hosue has been a disaster as of late too! We seem to do better when we clean as a family… everyone together tackling one room at a time. I think it’s because we can keep everyone accountable. We are deep cleaning all the rooms right now because the holidays are coming up and we will liekly have visitors.

My kids are finally getting to the ages where they can be expected to and are capable of keeping their spaces clean. Now we just have to force the habit!

Congratulations on some wonderful cleaning! I think I may borrow your idea of cleansing sigils… maybe it’ll help light a fire under us too!


It’s such an amazing thing when we finally get out of those types of ruts. I’m absolutely sure the work you’re doing on yourself and with your practice has something to do with it! When we focus on ourselves like that, we can more easily tune into what’s going on around us and what needs to go. In this case, that heavy energy in your home was weighing you down. That has had a profound effect on you, and working through all of that is helping you come out of it much easier than before!

I hope your inspection goes well tomorrow, too :heart:


True, but the post-COVID-outbreak world has sure changed how they work in some places. In our three years here, we’ve only been inspected once. So instead, we have to rely on the weekly friend visit to motivate us. :sweat_smile:

It’s an achievement no matter which way you gotta kick. :partying_face:

I hope everything goes well! :black_heart: