Notre Dame: "Our Lady" and its Mysteries

I know for many it’s just another church, but no matter what your religion is, it’s a beautiful building, full of history, and a symbol of France, cradle of revolutions and enlightenment.

And Paris also has an interesting pagan origin. The name “Paris” came from the Romans who gave this name to the parisi people, who lived in that area. But it is said that in ancient Egyptian “par” “isis” would mean the temple of the goddess Isis. Medieval writings were found where they mentioned the existence of sculptures of this goddess in the city.

But how did an Egyptian goddess get to Paris? It turns out that when the Romans conquered countries, they annexed the gods and Isis was annexed to Gaul.

The place where the cathedral of Notre Dame was built was a place dedicated then to the Mother Goddess, no matter what name it had. And that’s why when they built the cathedral they gave it the name it has today which means “Our Lady” because the beliefs of the people were never completely lost and they indeed built plenty of Catholic buildings with pagan symbolisms.

Many architectural designs of Gothic cathedrals were obtained from alchemical manuscripts of the Greek and were dedicated to the Gods and Goddesses.

Alchemy and Notre Dame

The Cathedral has a gothic style. Gothic art was been given that name by the Renaissance men, who saw in it a grotesque reality, finding a similarity with the barbarian people of Germanic origin, the Goths.

But the term “Gothic” does not come from the “Goths” but rather it is closer to the “Goetic” that translated would be “magical”. Within the Notre Dame cathedral itself there are symbols that hide a unique knowledge known only by a few initiates.

Notre Dame was the center of public life in Paris during the Middle Ages and the heart of knowledge and the occult. The art and science of the old alchemists is embodied in this Parisian Gothic cathedral.

The Legend of the Gargoyles

It is said that on the night of the death of Joan of Arc, the gargoyles in Paris woke up from their sleep and began to drown anyone who had supported the execution of an innocent, leaving many corpses around the city, mostly of those who were in favor of the burning of the French heroine.

The Templars

Both the pope and the French king knew that the Templars kept esoteric knowledge (besides great wealth) that was forbidden at that time, so it was the perfect excuse to start a persecution against the Order of the Temple.

The Templars began to be persecuted, accused of worshiping Baphomet. It is said that this could have been the beginning of Satanism.

The last Grand Master of the Order of the Templars was accused of committing heresy before the Holy Cross and worship of the devil, for which he was condemned to the stake. He asked to be burned in the square in front of the cathedral.

Before dying, he cast a curse to those who had initiated the conspiracy against him. That same year the king and the pope died.

There’s no need to make any of this up since the cathedral is full of mysteries which you can research and even find the symbols that are part of the structure of the building. -


Yep, if people would only look, the old cathedrals are full of pagan/witchy imagery, It is all around us,even the story of Starbucks logo,is an ancient goddess