Numerology of 2024 🎉 Year Number

Thanks to @Cosmic_Curiosity’s informative guides through personal numerology, my interest was piqued! I decided to look into what the numerology is for the new year → 2024!

2024’s Number Is 8

Using the basic foundation of numerology and reducing numbers, we can see rather quickly that 2024’s numerological number for the year is eight → 2+2+4=8. But what does this mean? Well, I hopped online and went straight to Ecosia (my preferred search engine) to find more information.

I am not going to pretend to know anything about numerology, so instead, I will give you a few interpretations from a few sources, and then give my hopes for the year!


After the live-and-let-go energy of the 7 year when we were all invited to leave behind unnecessary ego trips, it can be a bit of an adjustment to embrace the power on offer from a universal 8 year. However, the purpose of last year’s energy was to rid us of unhealthy tendencies, and that means we have done the required personal work to turn around and wield our power, knowing we will do so fairly and wisely. This right has been earned.


Brace yourselves for 2024—it’s an 8-year, the era of contrasts, boldness, strength, and all things infinite. Picture it as a cosmic battle for our rights and a quest to balance justice and harmony while staying true to our ideals. On a personal level, it’s about navigating dilemmas between material values and the realities of life, all while staying true to our soul and the spirit of togetherness.


The 8 Universal year is a time to make intentional moves. With a focus on the material aspects of life, we can take direct and powerful leaps forward to manifest our dreams—and get paid doing it.

Eight is the ultimate “power number” representing abundance on the highest level. Get ready for a year of power plays with a spotlight on money, control and authority.

It is interesting to me to see the similarities between the predictions and my Peering into 2024 :tarot_card: Collective Tarot Reading. All of the above interpretations talk about leaving behind personal challenges and building ourselves back up. In my reading this year, our “Goals” card is The Tower Reversed – personal challenges, inner transformation, and conflicting desires! I am confident that we will be able to embrace the numerology of the year, just as we move through the year toward our goal with The Tower Reversed.

Another interesting part of the yearly numerology is our personal year numbers. says you can figure this out by taking your birthday for the year and reducing the number. So, my birthday is November 8 - this year, my birthday will be 11/08/2024. My personal year number for 2024 is found using this math 1+1+0+8+2+0+2+4 = 18 = 1+8 = 9.

NOTE: Thank you to @Cosmic_Curiosity for pointing out that your personal year number runs birthday to birthday. Your personal year number for 2024 will not start until your birthday this year. So, my personal year number will be eight until my birthday in November.

So, my personal number for this year is nine. Here is what has to say about my personal number.

You are going on one last adventure, one last closing chapter that will mark the end of this particular nine-year cycle. Next year, you will embark upon a fresh journey, but that is still a year away. For now, you are in your 9 year, a time when you are being asked to release that which no longer serves you so that you will no longer carry unnecessary baggage into the future.

The 9 year can sometimes feel a bit lonely as you surrender control and allow the Universe to slowly but surely remove old drama from your life. This time is not unlike a cocoon phase, one during which you turn inward so that you may emerge next year as a beautiful butterfly. You do not need to worry that anything meant for you will fade away, however. The Universe knows exactly what it is choosing to eliminate from your life, and you should trust that nothing meant for you will ever truly pass you by.

This is a year to gather all the knowledge and experience you have accrued over the last nine years, and to finally bring it together in the most perfect way – by becoming your truest self, and being that person with complete authenticity.

Based on the above interpretation of my year number and the goals I have already set in place, I can tell that everything is kind of meshing together. One thing that really sticks out to me is…actually, the whole thing sticks out to me. This year, we are in a brand new state where we know absolutely no one. We left so we could leave some drama behind from Florida, sort of shedding a skin we were constricted in.

The last bit about becoming my truest self and being completely authentic really touches on my rebrand for my online content. I haven’t really talked about it much here, but this year, I am focusing on creating content that makes me happy and not worrying about staying in my box, so to speak. I created an entirely new YouTube channel where I will make videos about literally whatever I want. My podcast and website are staying the same, but I am focusing more on doing what makes me happy in the moment rather than trying to pump out content for something when I’m uninspired. The goal for 2024 is to heal parts of myself and be more whole, even online.

I would love to hear about your personal year number and how you think 2024 will go based on that! You can find all of that information here →


My personal year number for this year is:

24/04/2024 so 6 + 4 + 8 = 18 = 9

This is the last in the cycle before it begins over at 1 next year as they run in 9 year cycles. This is from birthday to birthday so I am currently personal year 8 until April.

Personal year 8 - ive got a few months to take what I have learned and put it into action for my own. Refine and master my skills and use them to my benefit. However, it should be with honesty and integrity and should not be at the exprense of my personal values.

From April 24th, ill be into personal year 9. This suggests completion, transformation, and spiritual growth. It is also a time of endings, letting go, and preparing for new beginnings. Its a time to reflect on accomplishments and let go of anything that no longer serves. It is a time to release past hurts, grudges, and resentments (I totally need this!) And for showing compassion to support those in need. It is also time to consider fresh starts and new beginnings the next year bg reflecting on goals, aspirations, and the direction to take in the next cycle.

Thanks for this Megan. I really enjoyed reading content about the year of head which matches my own personal years. I am also pleased that you enjoyed the numerology enough to explore it further. Numerology buddies! :rofl: :heart: :1234:

Blessed be



I’m new to this and I don’t know how to work out my number for this year. I will need to do some research


My year number is 2.

After experiencing your personal 1 year, a time when you got to do exactly as you pleased without worrying about other people, you now get to settle into the groove of your 2 year, which is all about incorporating others into your lifestyle and making room for them and their desires. The 2 year can feel rather slow, and that is because it is often a time of waiting while others get to the places they need to be in order to turn around and help you achieve your own goals.

Sometimes it can feel frustrating as you wait for everyone else to catch up to your personal program, but one of the important lessons of the 2 year is for you to remember that no person is an island – if you want success in the long-term, you must learn to work with others in the here and now.

Connections you build this year may take their time unfolding, but you will see that many of these bonds will last well into the future. These folks will assist you with the important themes of your current nine-year cycle, and bring you closer to the person you are meant to become.

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Hi @kirsty4

To work out your personal year, write out the date of your birthday this year

For example 24.04.2024

Change it into an addition calculation by adding:

2 + 4 + 0 + 4 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 4 = 18

If it is a single digit, that is your personal year number. If it is a double dogit like the example then reduce it by changing it to another addition calculation:

1 + 8 = 9

This would be the personal year number.

Remember that personal year numbers run from birthday to birthday so in the example the perspnal year 9 would start on 24.4.24 and end on 23.4.25

Hope this helps



Ah perfect


So since my birthday is 14.07.2024 that would be 2


Yes thats correct. But it won’t start until your birthday this year. That means up until then your personal year is 1.


Oh, this makes sense! So…then would not be in personal year 9 until November? :sweat_smile: I guess I should look up what personal year eight is then, too!

You’re welcome! I think I like numerology…? :joy: I can’t tell yet, but at least reading and learning about it is interesting enough to me!

Woohoo! :partying_face: Hooray for being number buddies!


Yes so you will be personal year 8 until your birthday this year…same as me!


Alright then :joy: so, personal year eight it is for another 10 months lol thanks for clarifying that! I’ll add that to the main post so it’s more clear.


lol ah perfect thank you will see what 1 is ha


My number for this year is 9 as well :heart: So tying loose ends and bringing it all together it is :kissing_heart: I was looking forward to starting a new cycle, but not just yet… :smile_cat:

As my birthday is in July I’ll have quite a bit of my 8 year left too, if I understood that correctly? It also matches the year number, does that have any significance? “Rejoining the real world” resonates, I’ve been on the sidelines recovering for quite a bit already, and I’ve healed and become stronger for it :sparkling_heart:


So mine would be… 20/05/2024 or 6? From the same site:

Relationships are front and center for you in 2024, as you experience a personal 6 year. The major theme is building bridges between you and new people. It’s a year when you can learn from others, and they can in turn learn from you. It’s possible that your chosen family will come knocking at your door, even if you don’t recognize them as such right away, but you can be sure that the Universe is bringing them to you for a reason.

In your previous 5 year, you got to explore personal freedom and what it’s like to set off on a new course with only your own satisfaction in mind. Now, however, you are meant to remember how many wonderful experiences people can bring into your life, and that there is much to be gained from opening your heart and allowing others to take up space in your emotions.

This can be a very romantic year, and you may meet someone who becomes an important partner for years to come. However, all sorts of connections will provide you with an emotional catharsis during your 6 year, so it is important you do not close yourself off from these experiences. You are meant to feel this year, and to feel deeply.

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Anyway, that means I’m still currently going through 5 which resonates a lot with me. It’s all about exploring vastly different things and getting a lot out of these explorations. :black_heart:

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