NYC Witchy Recommendations?

Hi All,
Does anyone have any suggestions for good witchy stores in NYC? Or witchy must-sees?

Thanks so much! :snowflake:


I’m no help but I hope they’re is someone who knows, I bet there are a few cool ones tucked away somewhere


Do you want a bookstore, something to do/events, something on tarot, witch supplies and crafts, apothecary/green witch? There’s SO much in Manhattan and Brooklyn specifically - if you can narrow it down for me, both in location and type of witchy things you’re interested in, I can give you good recommendations! :woman_mage: :broom: :candle:


I have a good recommendation it’s called Enchantments the oldest occult store in NYC they are known for there personalized candles they perform a spell for you right in the store :grin::sparkles::crystal_ball:


My trips through NYC have always been short and usually a blur- I’ve never been to any witchy places in NYC, but I’m sure there’s some great ones there! Sometimes I feel like NYC has everything haha.

I’ll be watching along to see the recommendations too! :grinning:

That store looks amazing! :heart_eyes:


Thanks! Supplies and crafts?


@ArcticCharm — There were quite a few really good ones (boutiques) that closed down over the pandemic days and never reopened which stinks. Call the store or check their websites for hours, because they all have varied hours now and some are closed on weird days.

Catland in Brooklyn is closing and having a blow out sale - EVERYTHING is 50% off - worth taking a ride out there if you like bargains - also if you’re in Brooklyn, there’s a whole other set of stores to recommend.

So, for Manhattan:
On East 14th street there’s Aum Shanti - here’s their events page.

Reiki and healing in Manhattan on upper East side would be an independent book store on the upper east side off E 53rd., and they also do tarot readings and hold events.

In Upper Manhattan near Prospect Park, there’s the Amulet Fairy - crystals, aromatherapy, herbs and oils, and they have a self care room you can rent out, but I believe it’s quite pricey. It used to be pretty bougie but I’m not sure how it is now.

In the West Village I’d recommend Stick Stone and Bone - crystals, jewelry, incense, candles. They used to sell manifestation and intention kits which were perfect for when I was in the city and needed something and I didn’t have all my stuff with me from home.

One of my FAVORITE places is in the East Village called Enchantments. They have carved candles, custom candles, Resins, talismans, tarot, books, herbs, and it touted as the city’s oldest occult store. If I only had one place to hit, it would be here. - I believe @crystal59 mentioned this one as her recommendation too!

The other fav of mine is Nameste bookshop. Way more than a bookshop, they have everything you need or want for witchcraft and the occult and I believe are near Union Square.

If you wana head out to the heart of Long Island, I’d recommend Ana’s Botanic - FULL of herbs and all other sorts of products. Worth the trip. Doesn’t look like much on the outside, but inside has a ton of stuff. Here’s what they say:

“We are old traditions meets new age healing. We carry an extensive array of metaphysical, magickal, religious artifact, new age, occult, gemstones, New York’s only high quality orgonite (EMF) products (pyramids/wands), an exclusive retailer of reiki oriented products (stone sets/healing wands, candles, etc), Wiccan/Pagan themed products, natural herbs, natural medicinal products (teas/ointments), tarot/oracle cards, oils, books, candles, statues, incense in various forms, a large grand exquisite inventory of evil eye products and much more. We also provide extensive psychic services such as various types of psychic readings, spell casting, blessing talismans for your home, business and personal effects with so much more.”

There’s tons more crystal shops (like Ruby’s house of crystals in Cobble Hill), yoga, psychic and tarot reading places. I’d be wary of any random place if you don’t look it up first to see reviews. If I wanted a psychic reading, I’d personally go to Harlem. Tarot, Brooklyn.

If you’re a green witch, there’s a little ‘secret’ place in Central Park I love that is actually fashioned after a cottage garden and it’s magical and gorgeous. Let me know if you want info on that.

Have fun!!! Jan


Catland is closing? Oh no I’m so glad you posted this because one of my favorite witches Melissa Madara who I’m truly inspired by is the owner of CatLand and I’ve always wanted to go there it’s seems like some of the best witch craft stores are in New York City I’m sad to hear it’s closing but I’m glad I heard about the 50% off thank you for sharing :blush:


Thank-you so much @jan_TheGreenWitch and @crystal59 for your suggestions! I did go to Enchantments and the staff was so lovely. I didn’t have time to wait for a custom candle, but was able to have some great conversations. My only critique was that the hours are short, so it was a stretch to make it there, but so worth it! :snowflake:


That’s awesome! Sounds like it was a fun time and a shop worth visiting. I’m glad you had a nice trip! :sparkles:


I haven’t been able to get one of their custom candles either @ArcticCharm , I need to get back there soon. I’m so happy you enjoyed the shop!
:magic_wand: :dizzy: :books: :crystal_ball:


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