OBSERVATIONS from a beginner

So I decided to take up the challenge on 11/11 and start a manifestation spell. It has been far more interesting than I thought it would be. The first day I tried to ‘burn’ my intention I had to relight it three times, and it never did burn completely. The second day - same exact size scrap of paper folded exactly the same way burned a little better, but still about half remained unburned in the cauldron and it was really smokey! This morning I lit it the paper (again the same size and folds) and it went up like blazes with very little smoke. I really hope that means I am making some good progress on my manifestation.

Any comments? Or similar observations?


When it comes to candle magic, it is usually said that you can read the candles as they burn. That means: the way the candles burn will tell you a lot about how the spell will work out.

As far as burning other things like papers or leaves, you could use the same method for interpreting how well the spell will manifest. The faster and more complete the object burns, the more likely that the spell will manifest succesffuly. If it burns slowly but completely then there will be some resistance but the spell will eventually overcome those.

Having said that, there are also more mundane ways to work. For example, you can simply use tongs when burning an object over a candle and continue holding it until it gets close to the end. That way it will burn completely. But there’s not much to read into that…!


Thank you for the insights @Francisco - much appreciated!


You’re welcome!! :slight_smile: Blessed Be! :sparkles:


Sounds like it’s going well! From my experience, the type of paper will also determine how well (or not) it actually burns. For example, common printer paper does not burn well for me. If I ever have to burn something like paper, I have a beautiful leather book full of a thick, natural feeling paper – almost like it’s made with cotton or something, but I don’t know. That paper burns amazingly :fire: I say trust your gut on this one :heart:


@MeganB Thank you ! I should have thought about that. I used standard printer paper. These days they use a lot of China clay as a whitening agent and clay doesn’t burn easily. You would need a flame of over 1000 degrees and candles don’t get that hot. Calcium Carbonate is another potential additive and that doesn’t burn but degrades in heat. I am shaking my head because I should have clicked to this… Thank you for the auxiliary brain cells… you are brilliant! I have cotton rag paper that I use for printmaking. It would light like a torch…an expensive torch but it would burn beautifully. :slight_smile: