October 13th Daily Affirmation

Message to self:

“I know what to do, my next step

is clear, and so here I go! What

happens next is in the hands

of the Universe.”

~ Shawn Fontaine


Such motivation in this affirmation! It has the sense that everything will be okay- we just have to keep moving forward :railway_track: Beautiful as always- thanks for sharing, @christina4! :two_hearts:


Yes it does motivate. I feel it helped being the first day of Mercury retrograde. Everything seems to get tipsy turvey when that happens. It teaches us to work with bettering our communication. And mars retrograde is like water steaming in a boiling pot.


Ohhh I see- this one links to the current astrological happenings :clap: You always choose affirmations that fit perfectly with the day! :star_struck::milky_way:


That wasn’t intentional but I just noticed that it resonates.


When things line up that you weren’t aware of, I think it’s a good sign that you are in tune with the world around you :blush::two_hearts: Nicely done!

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I’ve been having more synchronicities than usual lately! I like it but I try to find the underlying message. Maybe it’s just that I’m exactly where im supposed to be in my life

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