October full moon meditations

Hello, darlings here is the full list of October moon meditations you can always go back and play them again at any time.

This lady meditations are incredible i always feel like its healing me.

How do you enjoy the esbats? What wonderful wisdom would you like to share with your fellow witches.

Lots of love and light to you.

We may be from all walks of life and come from places near and far but in spiritual truth we are a family, all one but not the same.


Wow, those look great! Thank you @kira-marie!

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Thank you so much! These are great bc I wanted to do a full moon meditation.:pray:t3::heartbeat:


Ohhhhh guided meditations :woman_in_lotus_position::two_hearts: These look beautiful- thank you so much for sharing, @Kira-marie! :pray: :full_moon: