Odd occurrences

For most of my life I’ve experienced odd occurrences. I consider them supernatural. But, aside from telling a couple of close and trusted friends about them, sometimes frustrated, sometimes humorously, I’ve always kept mum.
Well, this weekend the following was recorded.
On the first recording, my father’s voice is heard saying ‘hello,’ followed by the voice of my parrot uttering a questioning ‘hello’ in response.
Then, in the second, two submarine pinging sounds are heard.

Why is this odd or, possibly, supernatural?

No one, aside from my parrot, was home.
My 87-yr old father was walking on the beach (submarine pinging sounds?!?)
To me, that’s why my parrot sounds surprised.

Any rational explanations are appreciated :+1:



Greetings @Wysteria_Norn :blush:

I clicked the link and am getting an “Access Denied” message- I believe it is currently set to private (aka only the owner can access it). Maybe you can change the permissions on the video/recording so that people can view it through the link? Would love to check it out! :grinning:

It is indeed strange to hear his voice when he’s not home… :thinking:

We used to babysit a parrot who would reenact entire conversations (multiple voices included)- it amazed me (and kind of freaked me out! haha) just how perfectly they could copy the voices of each of their owners. So the only mundane reasoning I can think of here is that your parrot may have been imitating a conversation between your father and themselves, perhaps with some extra sound effects :parrot:

If you’re sure that’s not the case, then I would turn to spirits. After all, the veil is very thin at this time of year! But what spirit could imitate/resemble your father’s voice? Perhaps a close relative- a grandfather or uncle, perhaps?

Do you have a favorite method of divination, @Wysteria_Norn? In cases like this, your best bet of finding answers might be to seek higher advice, or (if you do feel it may have been a spirit) to try to communicate with them directly- if you feel that it is safe to do so :candle:

Good luck and please keep up updated!

Blessed be :sparkles:


I’ve heard my Mom calling me when she wasn’t home before, it always freaked me out. But for your parrot to hear it too, that is odd. Good luck figuring it out!


@TheTravelWitch_Bry Thank you for pointing out the restriction! I’ve changed the permissions to ‘anyone with the link.’

Here’s the thing - That first voice, that my parrot responds to, is definitely my father’s voice. We had gone to three places that day. At the time this recorded his voice and the submarine pinging sound, we were at the beach.
Someone else mentioned that it could be an AI glitch, which is completely possible and logical. But then why did the AI respond with the reminder to disarm the security system if I had returned home when it was the one that created the sound?
I could chalk this up to an AI snafu, but the coincidences are numerous, strange and nag at me.

My mother once told me that, one night while a girlfriend was staying over for an innocent ‘ladies’ night’ when my dad was away working, they both saw the stark image of a man in the house. He was standing on the second-floor landing, overlooking the living room, clearly visible to them both, wearing a black (maybe navy blue?) suit that struck my mother as an old naval suit…like he was a captain. The girlfriend went immediately home, and it was only ever mentioned that one time.

So, yes. The coincidences, for me, are really high. I’ve never been afraid in this house, not even during Hurricane Sandy, etc. I’ve never been afraid to be alone, at all. So…needless, to say…I’m wondering all kinds of things! :rofl:


Thank you, Wysteria- I was able to watch the video! :raised_hands:

I can see what you mean about the sounds. I’m not familiar with your father’s voice, but I trust what you’ve said- and the “submarine beeps” were especially curious! That doesn’t sound at all like beeps from a car or vehicle- it really does sound like a submarine :thinking:

Very interesting… it sounds likely that your home may be the residence of a spirit with ties to the navy/submarines!

But the most curious thing is why did he sound like your father? May I ask if it’s possible that, somewhere in your father’s line, was someone in the navy/captain of a submarine? :ocean:

If you’ve never felt a negative or frightening presence, I wouldn’t start worrying about it now- after all, from what you’ve said, even during the appearance, it doesn’t sound like there was any danger or ill intent.

All very curious, Wysteria- do you think you’ll try to communicate with him? Wishing you all the best- please keep us updated! :heart:


@TheTravelWitch_Bry Thanks for watching the video! While reading your reply, I nodded in agreement with every sentence! :rofl:
I definitely feel that someone/thing was trying to communicate something, but, at the same time, was hoping someone would come up with a perfectly reasonable explanation outside of the paranormal. I’ve had numerous other occurrences (keys, books, kitchen objects going missing, then ‘returning’ months later) but have always dismissed them as normal random weirdness.
Still unsure of what the message, if indeed that’s what it was, could be? Could it be, as one person pointed out -

  • Something to do with Putin’s nuclear threats? My father did work on a nuclear submarine once, but wouldn’t that submarine sound followed by an explosion be more appropriate if that were the message?,
  • Something to do with my father. He’s 87, but then why the submarine sounds…and specifically two pings?,
  • Or is it just my imagination? Lol.

No, I’ve never felt endangered, even when I lived here with my boyfriend.
We do live on an island and come from an island country where fishing was a primary economic source.
This reminds me of something I recently read. I believe it was Buckland in his ‘Complete Book of Witchcraft,’ who described what it must be like for an ethereal being to send a message. The description, paraphrased, was the being wanted to tell a loved one about a watch, so it looked down and used various gestures interpreted by the medium as death from abdominal cancer or disease.
Jokingly, I can imagine it (if it exists) shaking it’s head and saying, “No, no, no, no…” :rofl:


I think it’s very wise to try to rule out the mundane before jumping into possible magickal explanations- crossing out the mundane first can prevent pretty embarrassing moments further down the line! (speaking from experience lol) :laughing: :+1:

I would take each of these points that have come to you and run them through your cards (or pendulum, crystal ball, meditation, etc- pick your favorite method) to see what kind of higher insights you get. Depending on the answers, you might be able to cross some out for sure or get additional inspiration about what the message could be (if there is a message).

Because I agree that there is indeed the possibility that there isn’t a message or warning- at this time of year when the veil thins, in some cultures (here in Poland it’s the pagan holiday Dziady on Oct 31/Nov 1, now called “All Saint’s Day”) when spirits just want to return to visit- to see family, visit favorite spots, etc. No messages or warnings involved- just visiting for a bit at this time of year :tree_of_life: :ghost:

I bet this happens with spirits a lot- it’s got to be hard trying to communicate backwards through the veil! :ghost: :telephone_receiver: :laughing:


…hello all!

Well, I was making beef stew in the kitchen when this little mechanical dog, a toy my beloved late mother used to play with her dog Westy, started to bark. It was up on the shelf and surprised me and one of my dogs, who came running.

Apparently, I make a ‘barking good’ stew! :joy:



Spooky little dog toy, but that’s hilarious- it sounds like he is a fan of your cooking! :yum::two_hearts:


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