Offerings to Source

Greetings! I’m a baby witch & haven’t made any connects with deities (that I’m aware of) yet. I connect with Source as of now, but I wasn’t sure what type of offerings I can present to Source at my alter. Any suggestions! Thanks in advance to all!


Hi there Lisa! :heart: I hope you don’t mind but I’ve moved your post into our #questions category so more people can see it :blush: and give you some answers to your question!

This can be anything you want, honestly. What do you find to be a connection? The most simple of offerings can be a bowl of water, some prayers or words of gratitude, and even some incense or a candle. It doesn’t need to be elaborate or expensive!


Source is the ultimate creator of everything. Another layer above deities in my opinion.

As source I don’t believe it needs offerings. Since it is already everything and experiencing its own creation through every one of us.

Perhaps as above. Simple prayers and affirmations of gratitude are most suitable. But source itself, at least to my belief is not a conscious being or spirit… it just is…


I know this is marked as solved but I wanted to add my personal experience.

Since I’ve connected with beings from more than one pantheon, I will often light a simple candle and have it nearby as a reminder of my connection to ‘all that is’… deities, house spirits, land spirits, ancestors, etc.

I even have a tea light that I light when I am doing dishes or cooking. I have thise things be an offering. Everyday work can be your offering. :heart:


That’s another perspective I hadn’t considered :thinking: Thank you for sharing that, Tem!

This is a really good idea! :candle:


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