Official Intro, again, lol

Okay, so been wanting to do this for a bit. Feel my initial intro was weak and want to do it again, with more detail.

So my witch name is Nimue Selene but real name is Kayte. I am 38 years old, mom of 2 amazing teens (what? TEENS? I am not that old to have kids that old, right??). Oldest is my 13 year old, Abygael, and the youngest is my 12 year old Izabelle. I am doing it as a single mom, which I wouldn’t change. I was married eons ago but the dad left and here we are. I do get help from my parents but yeah, it’s just me and girlies.

I have a zoo. I have a 13 year old Dachshund named Juno and a near 3 year old cat named Hope. I have recently decided to add another Dachshund to the mix, a little female we’ve named Harper that will be home in the beginning of December. I have 2 fish tanks, a 65 gallon and a 20 gallon. It’s busy and hectic but I love it. I have realized I am that girl that likes to have animals in her life. If I had my way, I would most def have a far with all sorts of animals. Horses, of cours. But alpacas, goats, cows, ducks, chickens. That sort of farm.

I am a Pisces and def live up to it by loving water. As you can tell from all the fish tanks. I realized that I def fit into Water witch status.

As to how I found this path? Well short story. My best friend. She is a witchy sort, has been for 20 years. Through her I saw how comfortable she was in her skin with it all. And her friend has been doing it for 30 years, so I am def around those that have shown me the ‘light’ so to speak. I eventually decided that being Catholic wasn’t for me (well I knew that for a long time) and made the switch. I am glad I did. I am happier, find that I am more confident and find that I have a ‘purpose’. I don’t know. Just all around glad that I found the journey and this forum too. I love everyone I have met on here so far.

Anyways, so there, I am happy that I now feel my intro is better than my original lol. Merry meet!


Hi there! Your intro was great! So glad you’re here!


Hi again! I’m so glad you’re here!


Wishing you a very merry meet again, @Dierna_Nimue_Selene! :heart::blush:


So glad you are here and welcome. I’m also a Pisces. :slight_smile:


Hello again @Dierna_Nimue_Selene :hugs:

I thought your first intro was fine, however, it’s good to get to know you a little better, Kayte. :people_hugging: Thank you for sharing more about your life with us!

I’m a Libra :libra: with a Scorpio :scorpius: Moon :astrology_moon: and Rising Sign. I have more water :water_element: signs than air :air_element: in my chart.

You do have a zoo :rofl: My husband and I are Feral Cat Colony Managers and we have lots and lots of cats. :black_cat: :cat2: We have 4 cats inside along with 2 rescues. We also have another rescue, but he’s inside/outside. And then there are 11 or so outside only cats.

We are thankful :pray: that you are here with us as you continue along your Witchy :woman_mage: Path.

With love :heart: and magick :dizzy: always


Nice to meet you officially – for the second time! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


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