Oh NO! I broke my Goddess Statue

So, I was working in my shop today, backed into my chair, and it hit my altar!! My Goddess statue went flying! It broke into a million pieces… For those of us who work and craft in the same small space, I have had it!! I’m sure you have all got similar stories. Now, I’m looking for a new Goddess statue. Preferably rubber, lol!!


So sorry, but Goddess doesn’t hold grudges, she’s see you find a better one.


Sometimes accidents just happen! It’s either that or She wanted you to get her a new statue!!


Oh no! So sorry about your Goddess Statue, @aileen. But like Francisco said, seems like a sign that it’s time for a new one!

Wooden statues tend to be quite durable, and for those of us with limited space I recommend hanging scrolls or posters! They are beautiful, take up basically no room, and can be easily changed and moved :grin::+1:

I know @Kasandra was able to find some lovely Elemental Dragon Invocation Posters that would be a great addition to an altar space. And here’s a poster of Gaia by artist Christina McAllister that I’ve had my eye on:

[Picture from FineArtAmerica]

For witches on the go, folks with minimal space, or even just clumsy crafters (like yours truly!) with a little creativity we can find lots of options to decorate and bedazzle our sacred areas :blush:

Good luck and blessed be! :sparkles:


Thank you so much!!