One of my Earliest Memories

Do you ever have an image in your head that has stuck with you for your entire life, but can’t remember exactly what it was…or where it was?
When I was four or five, I have a memory of my family going swimming at a public pool. Afterwards, we went into a nearby store. There was a woman at the counter with two chihuahuas. My sister and I played with the dogs for a while. I remember one of the chihuahuas was chewing a donut with pink icing and sprinkles. The woman didn’t have what we wanted, so she went to a back room.
This back room was strange, but very cool. I remember wanting to go back there so badly, but my parents told me that I couldn’t.
It had a high ceiling, cement (or steel?) walls. In the distance was this large chair, kind of like a chair mall Santa’s sit on. I vividly remember someone (another employee at the store?) sitting down in the chair and the dogs laying next to her feet. The chair was surrounded by a huge, fluffy, red carpet. There were more items in the back room. The images are a bit hazy now, but I remember a large vase and other items hanging on the wall and from the ceiling. Red, white, and green were the dominant colors.
I have told my family members if they remember this at all. But they have always said that I was probably just dreaming.
I’m not sure what got me thinking of this room, but now I’m back to wondering what it was. Could it have been a warehouse (or a large storage room) with Christmas decorations? And could I have misjudged the size of the room, because of my age? Whatever it was, it filled my young mind with wonder and awe and the image has stayed with me for my entire life.



I have memories where my dad told me that I was dreaming too. But since this has never happened to me as an adult I think my dad just didn’t want me to know something had happened for some strange reason! I still don’t understand why and I can’t explain it, but
inquiring minds want to know! :thinking:


I don’t remember much of my early childhood, maybe around 7/8 at the earliest. Some memories are fragments where I remember pieces of the event, such as a 4th of July at my Uncle’s house and someone shot a firework down the street and it landed under someone’s truck. All us kids ran thinking it would explode and my uncle just laughed at us. Others are events I remember very clearly. These all have one of two things in common: a use of my gifts as a kid (seeing spirits, feeling like I was being strangled when I was in Salem only to have rope burns appear on my neck) or trauma (corporal punishment, screaming fights with my mom, etc).

I also have aphantasia so this may affect how I remember things. I cannot see images in my head and instead tell myself stories. So as I’ve gotten older, those “less important” stories have faded away to make room for the new stories.

To me, you are able to describe what you saw in great detail. Yes, things may be off scale because being a child then may make things seem larger than they were (I still remember doing science expos at elementary schools and how small everything is even though I thought it was large when it was there!). Yes, it could have been a Christmas warehouse or you could have been daydreaming. Whatever the cause, it left it’s mark on you for a reason and that should be the focus.

Side note, have you heard of the Mandela Effect?


Interesting, @Kasandra! You’re certainly not alone when it comes to remembering things that others have forgotten.

It was just another moment in another day for those you are with, and the mind tends to let go of things that don’t interest it. But just like Amaris said, for whatever reason that moment stood out as important to you. Something in the situation- be it an item, the room, or the experience as a whole- really intrigued your mind.

This sensation of clarity and importance tends to happen during moments of mindfulness- when you become completely aware and immersed in the moment, rather than just letting life slide by. Perhaps, for whatever reason, you achieved a higher state of consciousness and mindfulness in this moment?

Whatever it was, it sounds like it was a vivid moment in your memory- and just that alone makes it special! :blush:


Ah, the Mandela Effect… you remember something and you’re certain that’s how it was… when really it wasn’t. It’s The BearSTAIN Bears? I could have sworn it was The BearSTEIN Bears! :laughing:


Right??? And I swear it was “Looney Toons”, as in car-toons and not “Looney Tunes”! Or what about Ed McMahon and Publisher’s Clearing House?? Some of them I see I know the “right” one but others I’m “ok, I want to go back to my universe now please.” :joy::joy:


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