Oooh, exciting... making contact with friendly resident ghosts /spirits at work

So… ghost sounds of crying child or baby and seeing glimses of a child several time today… oh then im guessing johnny ( we think thats his name)… we have a man, woman and a child… but i figure johnny maybe had decided to lock me in bathroom temporarily. Lol i told him i wasnt leaving yet😂i get it, maybe they not want me to go home . But before i did leave ( few hours later). I reassured them id be there tommoriw morning. .

At some stage during night ( after all ppl gone included other staff) i found some geavy spots and places id seen or heard them at some stahe in that building and quickly did some lenormand spreads in each spot to see what they might need me ti know.

Te exciting bit lol other than obvious connections n sighting, (i dont feel scared being at work until late cause as i kinda joke, ill have company of the friendly residential ghosts, skme ppl find that scary but while ppl migt see it just as someone making a joke, i actualky find some comfort from their presence). I dobt let on thay im that conected to spiritual side… but anyeays so i still need to look mode at sprrads but the spot i saw the child today the child cards and full moon was in the spread. Oooh yay. I feel maybe ill be able to really communicage and connevt to them and find out what they may beed lr want or if thry wamt to say simething. Its so exciting go feel ive nade cinbevtion esl after 10 years


Ok researching history of building. I was told another staff had done so and thats where name johnny came from. . But the site disnt mention a johnny, nkt sure where that nane came from but this mention married couple n children living there before and someine actualky dying there i think. Or it sounds like it. Im going to research more. This may actually help knowing some info myself rather than just second hand stories from other ppl. Im excited ti learn more


Very neat! I hope you find what you’re looking for!


Sounds very exciting. Glad to hear you are not afraid :flushed:. Spirits have so much to tell us. We just need to listen :ear: and watch.

:two_hearts: And :candle:


Very exciting! It sounds like both your spiritual communication efforts as well as your research of the site’s history are yielding interesting results- may things continue to go well for you as you reveal their stories, @Phoenix_Fire! Good luck and blessed be! :sparkles::ghost:


Birds in the yard outside as working and a figure of a horse made me think of Rhiannon and she is assocjated wirh wednesday and Wednesday with communication… so i weny on a walk around to fibd energy spots n doing spreads on pjone. Some cards thst came up made sense. Im intriged esp since i now know at least one person died there 69 years ago tommorow. Its nice to feel i csn communicate with thwm and signs that i have support in the process. :grin:


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