Opinions of an Elder

Blessings to you all children.

Lately I read many articles dealing with the perception of society about
color, creed, religion, war, oppressions, poverty and so on.
Many of these are important, but will changing my color, creed or religion change me? I really don’t think so. My ideals are mine, learned over a lifetime. Will it change the world? Again, I wanted to change the world as a young woman the truth was that I helped those I could. I prayed for those I couldn’t. I am no where near perfect. I have many intolerances, but I work on them every day. That is my burden to bear.

As for War, oppressions and poverty. Sadly, it is the nature of man to lean toward violence. Always, there are those who want more and will go to war for it. Sad, but true. And poverty? Jesus Christ of the Christian Bible said it over two millennia ago. “There will be poor with us always.” Poverty isn’t new just tragic.

I joined Spells8 because of the sense of peace and safely it gave me.
The beliefs, craft and the way we deal with each other is in kindness, honor, tolerance and love. Every one of them is a choice. We, here respect each other, are loving and empathetic toward everyone. :older_woman: :pray: :prayer_beads:
May it remain so.

Pray for peace
Blessed be’, in loving regard,


@Garnet Well said my dear! Spells8 definitely has a vibe of peace, joy and love! There is definitely a lot of misery going on, but I think love and joy win more often than not! We have been programmed to focus on the misery and the fear. Finding the joy and love and the peace those things bring has to be intentional, which is unfortunate. I am glad this is a safe place for you! You definitely made me feel safe as I began my own journey here and for that I will always be grateful!


Very good points, @Garnet! This place has come to mean so much to me, I wouldn’t know what I’d do without its welcoming embrace. It’s encouraged me to grow as a witch and that means so much to me.


@Garnet The welcoming energy of this place is what drew me in. :slightly_smiling_face: In these wild times, this group feels like a very safe harbor. I am grateful for it and everyone in it.


That was very well said @Garnet, we all feel that someway we can change the world. I am very sadden with the events that’s going on over in Europe, it breaks my heart. I am so thankful that I found this place where it is peaceful and comforting to me to be a part of this place. I am encouraged to grow here and to embrace who I really am, a witch. Thank you @Garnet for expressing this to all of us.

Blessed Be :dizzy: :heart: :sparkles:


My Dad fought in WW2. He served in the Pacific theater, Okinawa, building/repairing runways. My Uncle fought in the European Theater. He was one of the soldiers to discover the death camps.
Dad bought an encyclopedia “the complete WW2” when the US Army - Air Force released him.
He told my brothers and I " You must read this and pass it to your children. It must never happen again."
And that is exactly what happened. Think Iran, Iraq, Libya and now it’s happening again.
Dad was right. There are those who seriously don’t believe that the Holocaust ever happened, in Europe or in the far east.
Sometimes my heart aches for the blind eyes humanity sees with in regard to history.
PS: Uncle Don refused to talk about the war, until the day he died.


Beautifully and heartfully said, Garnet :heart:

War is a choice just as much as peace is choice. While it is sad that some will choose war, there are still many of us who make the choice of kindness instead. And like does attract like- communities built on mutual respect and love can be hard to find these days, but when we do find them what a treasure they are! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :infinite_roots:

There are some very tough, very sad lessons in history- as I a kid in school I used to complain about having to sit through really sad, painful lessons about war and violence and horrible things. I didn’t understand why I had to see these things that were so painful to watch :cry:

But now I know that studying history is the best way to prevent the past from repeating itself :books:

Your dad was a very wise man, Garnet :pray:


Thanks for the reply. It sounds so sappy to say,
“What the world needs now is love.” but is so True and vitally needed.
Blessed be
Pray for peace


Very true indeed. I’m praying for peace right along with you, @Garnet! :pray::dove:

Blessings :heart: