Orphic Hymn of Goddess Hecate

I invoke Hekate worshiped in the streets and triodes

And heavenly and chthonian and marine crocopetalon

tombstones after the souls of the dead Bacchus

son of Perseus, a lover of deer

the nocturnal protector of dogs, irresistible queen

emitting the sound of beasts, with no visible thong

on bulls borne, anassa key to the whole world

guides, nymphs, children I nurtured, like the mountains I studied

I beg the daughter to attend the ceremonies

with a favorable disposition towards their abbot favorably and with a joyful disposition

The Anthem of the Moon is heard in the video


This has an amazing beat- what a great ritual song! I don’t think I’d be able to sit still for a meditation if this was playing (unless it was a dance meditation! :dancer: :heart:)

Really fun- thank you for the English translation of the lyrics too, I’m always interested to read them! :sparkles: Thank you, @Airam!


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