Ouji boards

A debate between my husband and I. How do you get rid of a ouji board. I say bury it, he says burn it. I have always been told not to burn them. We dont have any. It was just a random topic after seeing a Facebook post.


I have read that you should never burn an Ouija board because it strengthens any negative/evil spirits that have attached themselves to it and can release them.

One of the best methods to dispose of an Ouija board is to bury it. One site recommended covering the board or the planchette in a cloth so the two don’t touch and sprinkle some salt down in the hole. But I would refrain from pouring salt so as not to harm any plants growing nearby. Rosemary or sage would be a great substitute.


I think Ouija boards get a bad reputation because of how often they’re used to scare people in movies and TV shows. :person_shrugging:

In my opinion, at the end of the day, it’s a simple piece of board or wood and some plastic. The power that Ouija boards have is given to them by the user. While yes, some things can become attached to an Ouija board in the same way they can be attached to other objects, a good cleansing and banishing should be sufficient for getting rid of any attachments. After that, burn it, bury it, throw it in the trash, gift it to someone else, etc. are all good options for getting rid of a board you don’t want anymore.


I think this too – because a Ouija board is like any other divination tool.

I came here to say everything Megan said lol.


This is very good advice. Thanks for posting it.


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