Out of Body Experience

Good Morning All, last night or maybe I should say in the wee hours of the morning, I think I had an experience but not sure which is why I’m asking you for your interpretation. Every night I sleep listening to a particular mantra, last night I fell asleep on my sofa listening to my mantra; it was about 2 or 3 in the morning, I recall seeing myself in my sleep flying in the air, all I could see before me was green grass, i could still hear my mantra playing, keep in mind, i feel asleep naked right, so while I see myself flying I see I am still naked, I noticed ahead of me a bunch of power lines coming and I say to myself I’m going to get electrocuted next thing I know I feel myself go through the powerlines, this weird feeling came over me, went through the power lines and landed on this area that looked like a park, no one was around. When I landed I couldnt move, I can still hear my mantra playing, all of a sudden I see this man come over to me and cover me up, I say to him I need to go to the hospital and he says no one will come but you will be fine, all the while I’m looking at this man, but cannot see his face. Then I happen to hear something hit my window and I woke up, again my mantra on my cell phone is still playing and my blanket was covered over me.

Can anyone help me interpret this! Even as I type this it feels so real and I can still remember it as though it just happened. I literally saw myself fly through these powerlines and this feeling I got going through was as if I was in a trance until I go to the other side of them. I didn’t fall down hard, it was like I was layed down softly on the ground then I see the man a short distance away walking towards me. One thing I did noticed as I woke up, my body was sore like the feeling you get when you start working out for the first time after a long time of not exercising.


That sounds like quite the experience! From the way you described it, it definitely sounds like an out of body experience, a lucid dream, or astral projection! :clap: Congratulations! I mean, only if you’re excited about that kind of thing, of course!

All three of these have similariaties but they are slightly different. An OBE (out of body experience) tends to involve a small amount of time that your spirit body is disconnected from your physical body. I don’t think I’ve seen people have OBE and leave the general area that their physical body is in.

A lucid dream is a dream in which you realize you’re dreaming! We have a few topics here about lucid dreaming () but I don’t know if that’s what you experienced.

I’d say you experienced something more along the lines of astral projection and travel. This is like an OBE but your spirit body travels away from your physical body for one reason or another. Your spirit body will travel through the astral realm, guided by you and your subconcious mind, to take cre of different tasks, interact with entities, and whatever else needs to be done.

Now, I don’t know much about the man you encountered. It’s possible that this is a guide of yours, especially if you’ve never astral projected before. He may have been guiding and protecting you, letting you know that you’re safe in whatever situation you were in.

Your body could be sore from tensing of your muscles as your spirit body traveled. Just because the spirit body and physical body are disconnected doesn’t mean the physical body won’t have any sort of consequences, if that makes sense. If your body tenses up due to fear or anxiety, that is going to be relayed in your muscles and soreness when you wake up.


@MeganB thank you so much for helping me with this! And you know since this has occurred I’ve had so much energy today which is unusual. My mindset today has been so open and energetic, I’ve had such a positive outlook today which is unusual but that’s not to say I’m not like this normally it’s just today has been very, very different since the OBE or lucid dream occurred.


@MeganB and yes I was excited about this happening but also a bit confused as to why now and just astonished that when I hear something hit my window is when I was able to awaken but to notice my blanket was over me up to my neck like someone placed it on me and with me going thru menopause I don’t sleep with blankets over my shoulders lolololol. I’m wondering if this had something to do with the mantra I had playing during my sleep? As I think back on it, I can still see what the man was wearing but again no face!


You’re very welcome! :heart: I’m glad to help you!

I haven’t had an experience with astral travel or lucid dreaming for a very long time for my own reasons. I’m glad that this experience has been a positive one for you! I’m not sure about the blanket situation. Maybe you subconsciously pulled the blanket up in your sleep?


@MeganB yeah honey i can’t explain it lolololol but I do want to thank you for helping me with this. Many Blessings!


Of course! I’m always happy to help :blush:


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