Pagan 👶 Parenting

Being a pagan parent in a public online setting leaves me open to questions for all kinds of people. Some questions are not so nice, directed at telling me I’m sending my child to hell and filling her head with whimsical fake things. Most questions though normally come from other pagan parents, or pagans or witches who want children eventually.

I sat down and answered five different questions I get as a pagan parent and gave my perspective on raising witchy children.

:family_man_girl_boy: If you have kids, how do you approach your parenting while pagan?

:candle: Do you incorporate your kids into your practice?

:mountain: Do you let them find their own way?

:question: Do you walk the fine line of answering questions but not pushing your views onto them?


I loved the answer about what does she believe. :slight_smile: She is still working through what she believes about Santa. :santa:t3:

My kids have taken the change from right-wing Christianity to eclectic Wicca :waxing_crescent_moon: :full_moon: :waning_crescent_moon: in stride. The oldest wants nothing to do with the change as he’s the most conservative. But he doesn’t make fun. The middle child is interested but tries to be cool by not being involved in her parents’ things. The youngest asks for crystals and is always curious.

My practice :candle: :flower_playing_cards: is open to my family to observe and I talk about it with them when I am excited about something. They don’t really participate, though. Even my wife stands back and lets me do my thing. My ex was big into it, we practiced together, so are all three of my best friends. I have practiced with two of them. But this is about our kids…

The kids are allowed to find their own way on just about everything in life. We have always let them choose their own path :railway_track: and we provide guardrails along the way so they don’t get into the traps of extremes in anything. Even as a Christian, I knew it was important they find out for themselves what they believe because having their parents’ faith is meaningless in the real world.

I was more pushy as a Christian :latin_cross:. (I would hand out gospel tracts on the streets and in the malls so you have to imagine how it was at home.) I am less pushy now. I try to answer every question with a response instead of an answer.

It was a great video. :film_strip: I watched it on YouTube when it came out. I encourage everyone in the coven to subscribe to your channel. Thank you for sharing the video with us.


Isn’t that really what being a parent (even as a pagan) is about? instilling magical and open-minded beliefs in our beautiful children who will be the future of this planet and Mars perhaps lol
Tell your questions to giddy-up and that judgment is a sure-fire way to end up in the same hell they’re indicating… Just saying.


This is a lovely topic to discuss- thanks for sharing your and your daughter’s journey, @MeganB! :blush:

As someone who doesn’t currently have children, navigating beliefs and spiritual practices with kids isn’t something I’ve had to put much thought into. You’ve planted a seed in my mind- hopefully when the days comes that it’s time to be a parent, I’ll be confident in how I’ll go about it! :grin:

Thanks, @MeganB! :sparkling_heart:


It sounds like you’ve grown a lot @praecog29 :candle: I love that you’re also allowing your kids to choose their own way. What you said about kids having their parent’s faith in the real world as being meaningless is spot on. I never really found the connection that I have now with any other faith :latin_cross: and I’m always happy to answer my daughter’s questions.

You’re right @amanda5 – being a parent is definitely about this. I don’t get judgment from other pagan parents (not usually :sweat_smile:) and I’m pretty good at brushing off the judgmenet I get from others :woman_shrugging: as long as my daughter is happy and healthy, I don’t care :heart:

I’m sure you’ll be a wonderful parent @TheTravelWitch :heart: You’re a role model here in the coven and I’m certain you’ll be the same as a parent when/if that time ever comes :hugs:


You are so kind, @MeganB! :heart::hugs: Thank you so much for your encouragement and support- I really hope that when the day comes, I can be even just half as wonderful a parent as you are! :blush::two_hearts: