Pagans and christains

For some time, I have been having a bit confusion on something and hoping my questions is answered
I was reading the pagan scriptures and it was really saying something about us been the children of light, it refers to light as our creator, it talked about recarnation till one is perfect and settling the karma we got in lives
And also the wiccans rede, am a wicca and I know most of us here aren’t
But the pagan scripture says something different from the Bible and what the christains believe
What is ur take as a Christian on this


Can you please explain to me what “pagan scripture” you’re referring to? The word “pagan” is a sort of catch-all term for a lot of different belief systems. There isn’t one “pagan scripture” and, as far as I know, there aren’t a lot of actual pagan sacred texts like the Bible is for Christianity. So, I guess I’m just a bit confused about your question :sweat_smile:


I can tell you really want to get some clarity on this. I know it isn’t easy; also I don’t know if what I say will help you.

I grew up down South going to Vacation Bible School. Those people were nice to me and gave me cookies and I can still recite John 3:16 from heart but they ALSO told me that if I accepted Jesus Christ as my savior, I could pet lions when I went to heaven and I couldn’t WAIT to declare it.

See what they did there?

I came out of the womb being spiritual, my son did, too. My family wasn’t. I was. I have been to many kinds of houses of worship. I went to Pentacostal Church with my elementary school teacher. I almost converted to Judaism in college. I finally got baptized Episocopalian after I married. I have met some nice Episcopalians and some not so nice ones. Since I became a witch, the Nicene creed doesn’t ring true to me anymore. Actually, before. When I became a mom and looked at my baby and I just didn’t believe we were born in the whole born-in-sin idea anymore because my son was an ANGEL :slight_smile:

I worked for a church and we had weekly staff meetings. I should have kept my mouth
shut. But I have an open mind. We were talking about the devil. I mentioned that if it were true that he used to have such a position of trust with God before he “fell,” I bet he wishes he could go back and make different choices and that I kind of felt sorry for him. LOL. I am an empath; I literally had sympathy for the devil. I got laid off a few weeks later. Maybe I crossed a line.

The thing that bothers me about organized religion is that it just appears transactional to me. It demands a lot from you, too much. It’s like do this and you get that. And the do this’s are pretty heinous, sometimes. For example, and this really burns me up, there is this Christian group called Young Life Capernaum. They do a ministry to people with special needs and my ex, against my wishes, sends my son to their meetings, because, it is basically free babysitting. So, I have read and my son has told me that they tell these people, many who have profound special needs, that they have black hearts, are sinners, etc. in between the times when they are lavishing them with attention these very lonely young adults desperately crave. And all of these young adults have intellectual disabilities. So, the price of dances, bowling, karaoke, an amazing camp, social acceptance in this group and – they preach – the salvation of their SOULS is they have to DRINK the FREAking KOOL AID that says they are somehow not worthy in the eyes of GOD unless they say and do so and so and call themselves sinners and all other forms of traumatizing emotional blackmailing BS most of them cannot cognitively understand…

And that makes me absolutely, blindingly furious. I freaking hate that flavor of Christianity.


Maybe if you rely on your intuition and thi is just a thought, release the labels. Think in terms of high vibration, low vibration and neutral.

Say you met me for the first time. You might think:

  • Do I trust her?
  • Do I feel good about myself or like my best self around her?
    *Is she easy to talk to?
  • Does she give off a negative vibe or a positive one (or a neutral one?)
  • Does what she say and do elevate me, teach me, bring me joy?
  • Or does it cause me to doubt myself and my abilities, cause me sadness or confusion?
  • Is she loving or hateful (or neither).
    *Would I call her if I was sick and needed chicken soup? Or to watch my dog/cat/kid in an emergency?

So, bear with me, maybe, just maybe, those are the same kinds of things you can ask yourself about a religion or spritual path.

And you can always DIY your own spiritual path. Just because I am a witch and light candles to Jupiter doesn’t mean I am afraid to enter and kneel in a Church. I don’t need the world to understand or validate my salad of religions :slight_smile: Yes, I made latkes on Hannukkah and yes, I celebrate the Lunar New Year. I celebrate Litha and Samhain and Christmas and Easter. I will celebrate anything that has joy and meaning in it. I can say yes to Jesus and no to Leviticus. I can revere Mary and Hecate. I can do whatever works for me and next week, if something else works for me, I can do that, too. I can call myself a Christian witch. Being a witch allows for that.


Like @MeganB said, there isn’t a pagan scripture to work off. One of the defining traits of Paganism is having a multidimensional view of the self and others and being generally accepting and open of, and to, the opinions of others.

There aren’t really any hard rules to follow as such and most believe our dieties aren’t watching and waiting to punish us, more that we are accountable to ourselves, our own integrity and intuition.

The below screen shots are taken from chapter 4 of Paganism for Beginners: The Complete Guide to Nature-Based Spirituality for Every New Seeker by Althaea Sebastiani, which I would recommend to anyone wanting to learn Pagan basics :blush:

As for Christianity, there are others here better placed to answer that. I moved away from Christianity and Catholism many years ago, and what learning I did have was rather skewed and not entirely accurate to the faith, so I’ll leave that to other more informed folks :blush:

Love & Light :heart::candle::stonehenge:


I like your point of view :blush::heart:
And I don’t like boxes and harsh judgements which are so often common in perhaps any kind of religion


I got the PDF pagan scripture from the the dark books here on site and I have been reading it for a while now


I really like the point of ur view sweetheart and ur explanation, u know the book quoted a lot different from the Bible scripture, like Megan said there are many different views of paganism, I guess they gave theirs too


@Abs53 thanks allot blessed one, u know that’s not the boo I read, I think everyone has different takes and views about paganism


Would you mind sharing the link to where you got this from? I would like to look at it to at least help answer your questions. Plus I’m concerned that there’s a pagan scripture out there that might mislead people to believing that we all believe the same.


Try looking up:
The Pagan Bible by: Melvin Gorham (Privately published in l962 & 1982)
I tried to read it but it was hard to wrap my mind around.


I have never considered myself a Pagan but that description fits me! :rofl:
Thanks so much @Abs53


@mary25 this is so poignant! I too enjoy a salad bar of beliefs, it’s just taken me a minute to allow myself to really embrace it. I love your thoughts!


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