Pain healing advice

Hi everyone it’s me again lol. So I have a friend who is in pain due to surgery and the hospital waited too long to start therapy or help her move it around she says it hurts and might need surgery again. Is there anything I can help her with?


Here’s a spell to send healing to another person

Make sure you have their permission to do this beforehand.

  1. Create a sacred space that allows you to have a mindset of at peace and that will amplify your healing intentions. For example, light eucalyptus or peppermint incense, white candles, play healing sounds or music.

  2. Sit and imagine as vividly as possible the person you wish to heal. Imagine the pain they must be feeling and begin absorbing it.

  3. Find your love for this person and surround them in that light with your mind. The brighter and longer the better. If you have their photo, hold it in your hands as you visualize a beam of light to surround the image. Make it a bubble.

You can also use rain water to help them heal. You’ll need a small dish or saucer from a flowerpot, some potting soil, and a rainy day.

  1. Pack the soil firmly into the dish. With your finger trace the form of a heart into the soil. In the center, add their photo or their name.

  2. Place the dish on the ground during a rain (select a place where it won’t be disturbed). After the rain, the heart shape should have disappeared.

End the ritual by crumbling the soil onto the ground as you say:

“With earth and rain.
I heal this pain”

I hope this helps!


So sorry to hear that your friend is in pain, @vanessa13. You have a warm heart to try to find help for her! :heart:

Adding to Francisco’s wonderful spellwork above, I also recommend:

Rest assured that you can always adapt chants and prayers to suit the situation (adding your friend’s name or direct references that are meaningful to you).

Wishing your friend a speedy post-surgery recovery! :pray::two_hearts:



Francisco and TheTravelWitch have given some valuable resources so I don’t have much else to add. If it is alright, I added your friend to the Energy Exchange Circle - 2021 Wiki.


Thank you I will try this!


Thank you everyone is so sweet and helpful :slight_smile:


I’ve used my wand for healing. I usually aim over the affected part of the body and do small spirals in the air with the tip of the wand. The spirals spin clockwise starting in the center and expanding. The end diameter for each spiral I’ve done is about 9 inches. I would recommend doing the spiraling action 7 times and repeat this daily as necessary. Also, if its not too sore, you could touch the body where the healing must take place lightly with the very tip of the wand. This seems effective for my healing needs. Enjoy and Blessed Be! :dizzy:


You’re very welcome- I hope some of the advice here is able to help you! :blush:

This sounds like a wonderful healing process- thanks for brining it up, @colin! It reminds me a bit of reiki- a traditional alternative healing method based on touch :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:

I had the opportunity to try it once before and I know many people who enjoy benefits from practicing some form of reiki. For @vanessa13 and anyone else looking for healing methods- healing in this way (via wand or touch) could be a great option! :grin:


Great idea thank you I will definitely try