Palmistry 101 - What does my palm say about me?

Palmistry 101: Learning how to read my palms!

My very first question for learning how to read palms was, “Which hand do you read?” According to Chinese tradition, the right is for females while the left is for males1. The reason is that the left hand is associated with fatherhood while the right hand is associated with motherhood (marriage license photos, wedding seating, etc.). Today, most ignore gender, instead believing that the dominant hand represents the now and the future while the other is the past and traits the person was born with. This would be the right and left hands, in most people, respectively. I am an odd one, though. While I write with my right hand, my dominant hand is my left. An easy test for this is to clasp your hands together and see which thumb is on top.

Now that I know which had to read first, I dove into the basics: heart, head, life, and fate lines.

The heart line, or love line, is the line that stretches across the palm under the fingers. It reflects all things related to the heart – feelings, reactions, emotional control, etc. The first thing to note is the length of the line. Short and straight means the person will have little interest in expressing love or romance. Long lines mean the person is sweet, romantic, and understanding. Next, look at where the line starts. If it starts under the index finger, a happy love experience is predicted. If it starts under the middle finger, the person usually thinks more of themselves than others. If it is short and starts between the middle finger and ring finger, they will easily fall in love (not always a good thing!). Do you have a broken heart line or some short thin lines crossing your heart line? This can indicate emotional trauma of some kind2.

My heart line starts under my index finger and runs the full length of my palm unbroken, but it does have some small lines crossing it. I can say that I have experienced emotional trauma.

Next up is the head line. The head line shows your intellect and wisdom. This line starts between the index finger and thumb, under the heart line, and stretches across the palm. In this line, the longer and clearer the line, the better! A big arc to the head line indicates the person is rich in creativity. A straight line indicates practicality and structure. A short line indicates you prefer physical achievements over intellectual ones. If there is a wave in your line, you have a short attention span, while a deep, long, clear line indicates clear focus. Is your head line separated from your life line? This means you love adventure and have a thirst for life. Multiple crosses on this line indicate you will have a lot of major life decisions.

My head line is deep, straight, and long (goes all the way to my wrist) with a single break but multiple small crossing lines. The break indicates I can be easily disturbed by others, while the smaller lines indicate multiple major decisions. I’ve already had to make a few of those choices. And as an empath, I can easily get annoyed with others because of the energy they put off.

The third line to talk about is your life line. Longer is also better here (starting to see a trend?). It is important to point out that the length of the line does NOT reflect how long someone will live. It reflects your health and vitality. A big clear arch indicates you are energetic and vibrant; you may also excel at sports. A small arc that is very close to the thumb indicates you tire easily. If the life line forms a semi-circle, you are strong and enthusiastic, while if it is straight and stays close to the edge of your palm, you tend to be cautious. A deep line shows your inner vitality, while a shallow line indicates you can be easily manipulated by others. A circle or crossing lines here indicate injury and./or hospitalization. A break in the line shows a major lifestyle change.

My life line is a large swooping arc with some “fraying” at the end. These frays mean I should by attention to any health problems that arise as I get older. My friends often describe me as enthusiastic and bubbly, so I think the large arc of my line fits well.

The last line to discuss is the Money, or Fate, line. You read this line starting at the wrist, stretching up toward the middle finger. It is thought this line reflects your fortune and career. If your life line and money/fate line start at the same point, you are ambitious and have strong self-confidence. Do you have multiple money/fate lines? This means you have multiple jobs or a side hustle. A straight and clear line indicates a good and lucky future. Your life will be stable. A divided line means you will change jobs frequently and will have big changes in your carrier/life. A deep line indicates you are strongly controlled by destiny.

My fate line is shallow and almost completely straight. It seems I will be pretty lucky in life.

You can also read the palm shape! See the picture below for descriptions of each type. I believe my hand is an Earth Hand – I have a square palm with short, stubby fingers. So, what does that mean?

Earth hands belong to practical, down-to-earth, energetic, and responsible people. They are usually strong at executing instructions and are a good help to leaders. Earth hands tend not to be very ambitious, instead being comfortable with a fixed plan or particular situations. They are satisfied with a basic lifestyle. This describes me pretty well.

Air hands are intelligent, good at analyzing, and adaptable to change. They are imaginative and curious people. They are great at social interactions. This describes my husband!

Water hands belong to highly intuitive, sympathetic, creative, and introverted people. They can be emotional and fragile – having their feelings hurt easily. They love art and are extremely flexible.

Fire hands are energetic, smart, diligent, extroverted, and self-confident. Sometimes they lack compassion. They love adventure and are stimulated to do things boldly.

Fingernail shapes also have a way of describing you. The following descriptions are your nail bed, not the length of your actual nails. Long and thin nails mean you are quite psychic and easily annoyed. You are shy and a bit of a hermit if they are long and wide. Short fingernails show someone who is critical and sarcastic. If they are extremely short, you have no self-control! Almond-shaped nails belong to sweet, kind, and diplomatic people. Rectangular nails belong to someone who is practical and logical.



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Ohh… :thinking: maybe I need to go back and look at my left hand then because according to this little test thing, my dominant hand is actually my left hand!

Welp… :sweat_smile: on my left hand, my heart line starts about where yours does and then has a full break in it with a downward branch, then another line starting right above it and moving up between my index and middle fingers. I hope that explanation made sense. I can also say I’ve had a significant amount of emotional trauma in my life.

Well, without digging too much into the extra stuff since I made a post similar to yours, I just have to say I love the detail you put into your post and explanation! You explained a few things better than I did and I appreciate that :blush: It also seems like we may be similar in the way our hands are set up! Designed? Created? I don’t know the right word there :laughing: but anyway – great post! :clap: :heart:


Make sure you aren’t confusing a break/second heart line with your fate/money line. My fate line crosses my heart line between my index and middle finger.

I also read that if you have a small “X” between the heart and head lines, called the mystic cross, this means you have an interest in the unseen and are highly intuitive. If there are four or more faint vertical lines between the ring and pinky fingers, it indicates healers. They are often seen on the hands of doctors or nurses but also in those that hold space for healing in other manners.

The Mount of Luna is “fleshy” in intuitive people. If it is flat, you may have issues tapping into your intuition.

To discover how developed the mount of Luna is in your hand, push down on its surface with one finger.

(Image from Witch Hands – Enchanted Living Magazine)


That was helpful! Thank you for such a in depth explanation.


Ohhhhh this is awesome, @Amaris_Bane! :star_struck: Such a great deep dive into palmistry! :raised_hands:

I had the same technical difficulty as Megan- for whatever reason, my hands fold naturally with the left thumb on top, but I’m definitely right-handed (I can’t do a darn thing with my left lol- no writing, chopsticks, nada). Maybe it’s something that was taught early in life? Or which side of the brain you use more? :thinking:

Ohhhh! I’m pretty sure I have a Fire hand (square palm, fingers slightly shorter than palm, pinkish) but it’s pretty close to Earth too. I would’ve guessed it would be Water considering all the Water in my natal chart, but perhaps this is a form of balance :fire::droplet: :grinning:

This was an awesome read, Amaris- thank you so much for exploring your palmistry and sharing your wisdom! :heart_hands: :sparkles::blush:


Oh, maybe that’s what it is :thinking: because if so, my heart line doesn’t extend all the way up. It stops right under the fleshy top part of my palm under my middle finger. I’ll have to look into it some more!