Patiently waiting to make full moon water

How do you make yours ?


I place three 32 oz mason jars full of water on the window sill on the side of the house where the Moon generally shines during the full Moon, and get up in the morning to store them before the sun shines on them. I make it in bulk batches because I use it in offerrings and then after the offerring pour it on my plants.


That is cool , I don’t know what I’m gonna do with mine it will be my first time doing it lol


Congrats on your first making of moon water, @Babywitchbxtch! :partying_face: :first_quarter_moon:

Ron shared some great advice, and I think you’ll find that everyone has their own unique takes on how they choose to make moon water. Like many things in the Craft, it is a good idea to experiment with different things and find what works best for you!

There are a few guides about making moon water, so I’ll add them in here in case you’d like to learn more:

How to Make Moon Water

Moon Water Recipe

Good luck and blessed crafting! :sparkles::first_quarter_moon:


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