Pendulum advice?

Recently I got a new pendulum and so far so good! Just one thing is I asked my pendulum for its name (idk if i’m supposed to share the name publicly or not ) and the name is very beautiful in my opinion and when I asked if that was its name it said yes multiple times. However when I asked if I had it spell out its name again if I would get the same results (worded differently) and it said no, I asked if it would be due to user error and it said don’t know. Does anyone have any insight into this situation?


Names are a strange thing, some believe in “true names” but I don’t feel there’s such a thing. A name after all is something we decide to call ourselves or someone else decides to call us. Something a little more personal and intimate than “hey you” :grin:

We might have multiple names, like we have our witch name, we may have different nicknames for different people, and we have that name which our parents decided to call us, and our society has decided should be somehow important than the other handles. For me the important thing is that there’s a connection, that whoever has the name feels it’s theirs, and feels good being called by that name.

Your pendulum might also have different names for different people in different times, and you might get a different name if you ask another time. Any of the names is equally valid, but it might prefer the one it’s told you last if that makes sense. It’s always good to ask to make sure.

That’s how I’d approach it, but as always trust your own intuition first :heart:


Thank you for your insight into this, this definately helped!


I’m happy to hear! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I don’t use a pendulum too often, but from my experience with other divinatory tools, I would say the spirit of the pendulum is maybe more serious and doesn’t like answering the same question more than once.

I see it as you asked and got your answer once, so asking again would be redundant unless you’re trying to test your pendulum. If you’re testing your pendulum, that can show a lack of trust, so the pendulum may choose not to answer.

Of course, I only have experience with tarot and oracle cards like this, so I could be wrong. This is just the first thing that came to my mind.


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