Pepper's in Witchcraft and Apothecary

Has anyone used Jalapeno, Ghost Pepper, etc for Apothecary or rituals?

I have used cayenne pepper, Jalapeno for years in apothecary, and pain ointments. Plus I just like peppers. I will eat them with anything.

Several years ago a friend started a company called Pucker butt Pepper company. He has the world record for hottest pepper. He started the company for medical reasons.

The ghost pepper (or better the capsaicin oil) has amazing health properties. He wanted to breed something with more capsaicin so the Carolina Reaper was born.

The oil itself It helps increase the amount of heat your body produces, making you burn more calories per day

It does this through a process called diet-induced thermogenesis, which causes an increase in your metabolism.

It also makes you feel fulfilled and eat less. It also lowers blood pressure, and helps your digestive system.

The oil can be mixed with beeswax, coconut butter, jojoba oil, etc. and used as a pain relief as well. You only use a small amount because it can burn your skin.

New studies have shown it can help prevent cancer as well. I am still researching this to get more info.

The capsaicin oil can be found in most peppers. Cayenne, jalapeno, sorano, poblana, etc.

Not everyone can handle ghost peppers. I eat them everyday and grow my own. The girls like milder peppers.

We have some potions recipes we were given to us from friends overseas. They use cayenne in a lot of rituals, and apothecary. Some African cultures use it in a ritual called tasting of the elements for wedding ceremonies. It’s also used in love and passion potions.

If you haven’t tried them do some research on capsaicin and maybe give it a try in your next ointment, or potion.


Very interesting and helpful! Thanks for sharing, Daniel!

It’s amazing how many health benefits ghost peppers have! I definitely can’t handle them but I’m getting used to spiciness in the US. Contrary to the myth, being from South America does NOT equal eating spicy food! :argentina:

I’d like to add that chili powder is also used in hot foot powder, a hoodoo blend to drive unwanted people away. And also, like you mentioned for love and fidelity spells.


I’ve used pepper in my black salt. Works great! And I love the name of your friends company!!! :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


We love spicy food in our house :hot_pepper::heart: my husband loves ghost peppers :ghost: and also Naga Viper peppers.

They are too much for me however! My favourite is probably Scotch Bonnet :purple_heart: I like the sweeter sort of peppers.

We also love growing jalapeños, slicing them up and sprinkling them over nachos with avocado, sour cream, salsa and cheese :avocado::cheese::hot_pepper:


Mmm yummy! I like making nachos with them, too! I’ve made chili with a variety of peppers.


My first introduction to Ghost Peppers, well… I thought they were like any other pepper so I added…uh… 6 or 7 to my crock pot stew…Needless to say, all who took the first bite where on fire…we went for pizza… lol


Wow, this is very interesting! :astonished: Thank you for sharing, @daniel4! :hot_pepper:

I am, unfortunately, what my friends call a “spice baby”- my days living in Korea are long since past and I’ve lost the ability to anything even remotely spicy! :joy:

It sounds like some of the peppers have a host of benefits though- maybe it’s time to start practicing and refine my spice tolerance again! :grin::hot_pepper: