Pic of my Ancestor Altar.,,

I finally got most of my ancestor altar done, On it you will see a HUGE list of names, all the elements deck of cards for Bunco and Pinochle, they all played that. A harmonica, my grandfather played it all the time, chips for gambling dad liked to gamble some, an arrowhead and moccasin, my hubbys great grandmother was Creek, dirftwood, they all loved the beach, flowers, my mom and gram loved to garden. As days go by, I am sure I will remember many more things and will be able to put more on it.


Awesome!! I love the harmonica! And the pentacle! What is it? It looks like a sundial

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This is gorgeous! Very nice

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The pentacle in the background is a altar cloth I bought off Ebay,for $12, found it on WISH for $3…LOL

Found this to put on my ancestor Altar, it just finishes it off…love it.

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