Pink Moon Esbat Ritual for April

What is the pink moon?

It is an astronomical phenomenon that occurs when the moon is located on the opposite side of the Earth, so it is a bright and fully illuminated moon that is certainly worth watching!

When will it be visible?

This moon will be visible starting on Friday, April 19, and will be visible all over the planet.

Why is it called pink moon?

According to specialists in astronomy at UCLA, this phenomenon is "a coincidence in the sky" since it is a combination of the phenomenon of full moon and the beginning of summer in the northern hemisphere, and winter in the southern hemisphere.

It was the early Native Americans who named it Pink Moon and it was named to honor of the wild ground phlox — one of the first spring flowers.

Although this next Friday we will not see a literal pink moon, its name refers to the color of those flowers.

If you feel that you need a boost of energy to fulfill your purposes, this Pink Moon ritual can help you.

❈───── • ✦ • ❅ • ✦ • ──────❈

It is ideal to attract positive energy and to make that your wishes are fulfilled with the help of the full moon.

You’ll need:

  • 1 pink candle
  • A bowl full of water
  • 3 pink roses
  • You can dress in light colors or wear a pink garment or accessory

This ritual should be done as soon as the sun sets and the moon is visible in the sky.

Take the petals off the roses and place them in the water for 10 minutes.

While the petals are soaking, light the pink candle and take it to the different corners of your house, leaving it longer in places that you feel need to be ‘cleansed’ of very strong or negative energy charges.

Once you have done this, remove the petals from the water with a strainer.

Sprinkle some drops of this water throughout your home and think about the goals you set for this year and what you still have to achieve.

Say the following spell out loud:

"With this moon water
I break the blockages that prevent me from growing,
I reach abundance and happiness,
I open the door to prosperity."

With the remaining water you can wash your face or hair.

Have a blessed Esbat!