Plant/seed exchange?

I couldn’t stop thinking about this last night reading more on plants. I know many of you are busy and have different directions in life. But I was curious to see if anyone was interested in doing an exchange of plant starts, plant clippings, seeds etc. I am starting to landscape my house and I keep adding stuff to my Amazon cart then stopping lol. I’d love to get them from people I know put a lot of love into growing their own.

Anyway, just a thought haha. I know this would also entail exchange of personal information sand some aren’t comfortable with that.


Greetings @NoName!

I think this is a really lovely idea and would be an awesome thing for local/regional coven members to partake in :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: However, as someone who travels frequently and goes through customs quite a bit, I have to point out that sending live plants and even seeds internationally is strictly monitored and can be illegal, as, unfortunately, foreign varieties of plants can significantly damage local ecosystems.

If you’re hoping to send or recieve something, I would highly recommend reading up on local/international laws around the shipment of flora and fauna before sending anything in the mail!

While mailing may not be the best option, I really do think local seed exchanges are a wonderful idea :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I’d recommend checking to see if you have a local Seed Library or Gardner’s Club nearby- they often lend or give seeds to gardeners! :seedling: :blush:

Good luck, and may your growing garden flourish! :green_heart: