Pluto Demoted Day

Hi everyone,

Today is Pluto Demoted Day and marks 17 years since Pluto lost its title as a Planet and was demoted to a Dwarf Planet.

However, Pluto hasn’t changed form, appearance or orbit since this demoted and has carried on regardless. Here are some words of advice and encouragement to contemplate on this day…

In Astrology, Pluto is still classed as a planet. Here is what the Planet represents:

You may want to take advantage of today to connect with the energies that Pluto brings to us. You can do this by:

Embracing change and transformation - seek opportunities for personal growth through trying new things, altering your mindset and changing up your daily routine to one that suits and works for you.

Do some shadow work and self-reflection; meditate, journal or try to identify the root cause of recurring patterns and habits in your life.

Reflect on what is not working for you or what is holding you back and release them through new beliefs, habits or even support from others.

Explore metaphysical practices, perhaps a new divination tool, card deck or even Astrology itself. Test them out and see what resonates.

If nothing else, just remember to be yourself and don’t change for anyone…BE LIKE PLUTO!

Blessed be



Yay Pluto!!! You’ll always be a planet in my heart, little guy- keep on being yourself! :partying_face: :astrology_pluto: :sparkles:

Reading this, I might give another try to a Tarot deck I’ve struggled with (and put on the back of the shelf)- might be time to bring it out and try again :grinning:

This post really made me smile- thank you so much for sharing some fun Pluto tips and encouragement, it’s really appreciated! I think that, thanks to this lovely post in honor of the planet, Pluto has been promoted (rather than demoted) today- it’s a planet with a lot of positive reinforcement and advice! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Thank you so much, @Cosmic_Curiosity! :raised_hands: :astrology_pluto:


I like your post @Cosmic_Curiosity, I follow astrology and have been seeing posts about Pluto all week - I think @tracyS should try to get some Pluto vibes of RENEWAL today! Thank you for your post, I’ll pull out my planet divination pendulum. Today is a great day!!!
:earth_africa: :ringer_planet:


@BryWisteria i think BE LIKE PLUTO is going to be my new mantra as a reminder to be who I want to be and do what I want, not what the crowd dictate. I hope you managed to connect with those tarot cards that weren’t playing ball.

@jan_TheGreenWitch oh im intrigued. What is a planet divination pendulim?


Hahaha thank you, I’ve been trying to- I’ve done a bit, but it feels like just the first step forward. I think it’s going to be a work in progress! :footprints: :grinning:

I’m tucking the message close to my heart again today too- it’s a great mantra to have!

Thanks again, Alan! Hope you have a blessed day (and that you get the chance to be like Pluto- be your wonderful, unique self!) :raised_hands: :heart: :astrology_pluto:

Blessed be!


Well @Cosmic_Curiosity, I kind of just made it up my own way — I like to use this sort of divination for two purposes: 1) when I need to do something but want to know the best time/date to do it; 2) have a specific question about someone or even myself and it is either personality related or might be useful to have the astrological sign involved in some way. Some day I will get over not feeling comfortable sharing my craft and space, but for now, I’ve linked very similar items to what I use below.

I use a similar divination mat — Among other normal divination mat content, you’ll also find the 10 Planets (Sun, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn Uranus, Neptune, Pluto - yes Pluto!!!),
12 Signs of the Zodiac and their glyphs
20 Phases of the Moon Cycle

I actually purchases Pendulums charged with corresponding planetary energy that aligns to the crystal. But I made my own set up and then charged them myself with each planetary energy and try not to do it during a retrograde :).

Lastly I use moon or sun water, to cleanse or energize respectively, the space before I perform the divination (I just make it myself usually on full or new moon, but you can do it any time of the moon’s cycle).
:earth_americas: :sun_with_face: :new_moon_with_face: :ringer_planet:



A new Mantra: Be Like Pluto! I love it and your graphics too! You have an incredible talent for this! :hugs:

With love :heart: always


Thank you!! If I could do this as a job, I’d be in my element!


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