Powerful Protection Candle Spell

Color Candle Protection Spell


  • Purple candle (personal)
  • Black candle (protection)
  • Green candle (abundance, joy, security, safety)
  • Stone to consecrate
  • Black tourmaline
  • Citrine
  1. Write intention on the candles
  2. Light black candle and say “I light this candle for protection, I call on my spirit guides and angels to surround my home”
  3. Light green candle and say “May only goodness, abundance, joy, and growth come into this space”
  4. Light purple candle and say “For all those that reside in my space I ask for safety and protection”
  5. Charge stone for protection
  6. Touch each crystal and visualize protection around yourself, around your home, and around the people who live there
  7. Burn incense and waft it around your space
  8. Lick your finger and draw a protective symbol (pentagram) in the middle of your space
  9. Say “And so it is done”
  10. Top off incense and let candles completely burn down


  • Use a protective oil (or substitute: olive oil) and draw a protective symbol on each of the 4 sides of your home

OOh, this looks good. May I copy it to my BOS? With a credit of course.


yes of course


Thank you!