Powerful protection entry

So I did a variety of things for this Challengebut given that I was doing protection spell work I decided to start with a cleansing bath and then smudged my home with white sage and yerba.
I then got one of the arms from Simon (my other aloe plant) since he’s bigger than Alvin and I hung a piece over the front door, back door and one over my bedroom door alongside the bundle of 3 witch burrs that I keep there to ward negativity though I grow aloe plants in my home because according to the spells8 Lesson on aloe growing it in the home protects the people that live there from accidents and because I’m legally blind in one eye I need all the help I can get.

But this seems too simple so I then decided to make a faerie protection spell jar to protect me from the trickery of the less friendly fae.

For this spell I used a couple of spells and tweaked them slightly so as to make them one spell suited more to my own. One of them I found Here and the other was something I saved on Pinterest but this is how I did it

you’ll need
A mason jar or other sealable container
Some type of cleansing incense
Nettle leaf
Sea salt (black salt would also work great I believe)
St John’s wort/vervain (I unfortunately didn’t have either of these so I subbed verbena instead)
Lemon zest (I used dried lemon peel)
Cascarilla (eggshell powder)
Onion powder
Garlic powder
Juniper berries
Bay leaves (with protection sigils drawn on them with sharpie)
Anise seed
Burdock root
Mandrake root
Rose quartz
Clear quartz
Tigers eye
you don’t have to use all of these ingredients depending on how big your jar is you can pick just a few but I suggest at least 2 types of stones and 3 herbs minimum

I cleansed my jar with smoke from a sage citrus incense stick and then added my salt first for a solid protective foundation and then my stones and then herbs. I did this while burning a black candle inscribed with my protection sigil from the bay leaves and sealed the jar with the black wax

But as I was finishing up I thought about the fact that we’ve had a handyman here at the house fixing things for the last week and how his energy has been draining me and somehow getting past my protective shield I put up when I have to be around people I’m not used to because I’m still learning to harness and control my empathic gifts. So I decided i would make a small empath protection amulet to carry in my pocket as an extra layer Of protection.

For this I used
Dyed agate
Rose quartz
Clear quartz
Sea salt (I also mixed in some pink Himalayan salt and blue healing salt but I had also thought about adding black salt to so any type of salt can be used or mixed to your needs it’s just to add extra protection to your jar)
Sheppard’s purse

And then I placed a sigil paper in the jar before sealing it with a purple and a white candle which were burning as I repeated “I am protected from the negative energy of others. I do not take on the emotions of others as my own. No one can pop my bubble unless I allow it.” And then let the candles burn out beside the jar


Whoa. You knocked this one out of the park! Great job!


Thank you @Amethyst I don’t believe in doing things half way. Go big or go home! :ok_hand::100::muscle:


Beautiful work, @phoenix_dawn! :heart_eyes: You really did wonderfully with all this protective work- may your lovely magick protect you and your home! I particularly love the faery protection jar- what a fun idea! Keep any troublesome tricksters away :fairy: :laughing: :+1:

Thanks so much for sharing your talents and recipes! :pray:


I have been reading post and comments from you @phoenix_dawn, and asked to my self; is it the same phoenix_dawn?
You been true lot in life, also grown in your practice. More confident, focus and centered. You’re a blessing to the community.
Blessed Be!


@BryWisteria I’ve been working a lot on building my fairy garden and just recently bought a chrysanthemum plant and ever since I’ve had issues like things randomly disappearing and then reappearing later on in strange places (for instance a jar of honey in the freezer :woman_facepalming:t3:) and I’ve been catching glimpses of bright light in the corners of my vision but they disappear when I try to turn and look at them so I feel like I may have stirred up a few pranksters so i remembered pinning the fairy protection jar a while back and thought it was perfect for this challenge. So far I’ve just caught the flashes of light on my table near where the jar is placed. The theory is that the fairies that are fooling around will be intrigued by the contents of the jar and will try to investigate it and become stuck inside but the one thing that was not mentioned is how long can they stay in there and when/how to release them. In the little research I’ve done on the fae the fact that stands out in my mind is the fae like to be free and do not like being captured. I most definitely do not want to offend or anger the fae as I have seriously considered trying to work with them some in the future.

@pedros10 Thank you so much for saying that. I’m definitely changing for the better and emerging from my cocoon day by day. I owe it mostly to the infinite roots coven though because there are so many gifted and supportive wonderful witches here and every day I learn so many things. I’ve had to split my B.o.S into multiple books already and the main binder I use is so full that the rings are separating from the binding :woman_facepalming:t3::woman_shrugging:t3: ever since I became a witch I have definitely gained more self confidence, my Outlook is so much more of a glass half full type and I’m so much more in tune with the earth, my intuition and my ability to harness my empathic abilities is slowly getting better. Not to mention the increase in my thirst for knowledge. I spend a great deal of time reading and taking page after page of notes and I’m nearly finished with the second level of courses here on spells8. Lately I’ve been a little gloomy because I was feeling like all the changes and transforming wasn’t being noticed by other people. You are the second person on the forum to mention it though so it’s obviously noticed and I am so proud that two of the people that I respect and care about have noticed it. You really just made my whole day :grin::grin::grin::revolving_hearts:
Blessed be :pray:


You’re welcome, my dear! You did a great job!


Beautiful Amulet @phoenix_dawn and spell work!


I definitely agree with you @phoenix_dawn. You did well on this entry :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


That makes sense to me :+1: If the spell instructions didn’t mention that part, then I’d wait until you are no longer seeing lights around the jar and then bring it far away (similar to what you would do with disposing spell remains) and then let them free on the condition that they don’t come back to bother you.

Although I love learning about them, I don’t work with any Fae and can’t give any personal advice about working with them. But I know that many folklores and legends warn about making deals or agreements of any kind with the Fae. So if you take this option, I’d recommend going about it carefully.

Blessed be! :sparkles:


Beautiful! I liked how you did many protective entries!