Prayer to Pachamama ๐ŸŒต for Healing and Connecting

Pachamama is Earth Mother in space-time. In Inca mythology, Pachamama is a fertility goddess who presides over planting and harvesting, embodies the mountains, and causes earthquakes.

Dear Pachamama, You who reign in the universe with the intelligence of healthy balance, listen to your children.
Intercede for us with the great Winds, speak with the Water, with the Fire and with the Earth.

Today we ask you to put hope in our faces, give us the grace of your eternal breath, shelter us with your bright Sun, guide us in the night of our lives with the light of the stars and the wise moon, join us in our visionary journey through the Sacred dream and light drums.

Today we ask you to return the storm forces back to their place, we ask you to calm the murky waters, still the internal fire.

May your wise intelligence absorb that which swarms and exacerbates us creating chaos. Today we ask you to join us in the healing of our body and spirit. You, who are wise, make us your children an instrument of salvation. Today we ask that your mantle of light purify us and heal the wounds and mistakes of our past, we ask you to help us cleanse our path of light.

Dear Pachamama, we glorify you for your flowers, your fragrances, the abundance of your food and the waters we have to drink. In gratitude I offer you my sensitive preaching, I worship you, I speak to you in meditation and silence, you are always very present in my prayers.

Dear Pachamama, I pledge to clean my wrong steps, my wrong thoughts and unfair attitudes, I pledge to drink from the healthy river, to heal my siblings the animals and protect the forests, today I commit to give food to the poor and those who stretch out their hands.

In you our life it is born, grows and rests, in you our life it turns on and off. We are your light, we are your body, your spirit. With solemnity I will come to you turned to dust when you better decide. Munay Pachamama, Munay, Munay!

โ€” Original by Arnaldo Quispe

Munay (pronounced MOON-eye) means love in Quechua, the native language of Peru, and is the first principle of the Andean spiritual path. It is not only a kind of love, but its meaning is intertwined with willpower. It is an exercise in working with infinite levels of divine willpower in that sense.

Munay has been remembered by the paqos (shamans) as being the force that the even lifted the gigantic megalith stones at sacred sites into place in ancient times and is the sort of will that moves mountains.

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