Prayer to the Morrigan at Sunset

Good Morning Everyone,

I always have trouble in sleeping at night between full moon and new moon.

So, I chanted this payer yesterday:

I believe in every God and Goddess because there is no difference in them. God is one and only The Universe, but human being divide The Universe according to their choice and believe.

So, I prayed before Mother Morrigan and I got this protection:

I left the shadow part open because I will come back to it later on and reflect.

I thought to share these with my friends with a humble request to share your experience with us, after chanting this spell.

Source material and blog post found here

Have a great week ahead…

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I woke up at 3am, so I certainly do have trouble sleeping. I’ll have to try this!! Thank you for sharing this!! :heart:


That’s gift and a sign that you are a Witch.

There are 7 gifts that Witches have:

Image via Magical Recipes on Instagram

This spell is very nice and helpful, but your sleep will break between 3am to 4 am. However, if you keep this spell under your pillow, this help you to catch up with your broken sleep as soon as possible.

Happy that you find this useful.

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