Prayers/Rituals for the passing of a loved one?

Hi guys, I am fairly new here… A few days ago I lost some one extremely close to me. I am still in the grieving process. I wanted to do a prayer or ritual for her/me to move on. Kind of to help grieve. She follows a different religious path. Will my prayers or rituals for her cause any trouble for her and her religious beliefs and path? Thank you in advance


Hi @natalie! Welcome to the Forum! :pray:

I’m so sorry for your loss! Here are a ritual and a prayer that you can use at this moment of grief:



You don’t need to be a Wiccan or pagan to perform any of these rituals. Just having an extra chance to say goodbye properly to that person can be a comforting act that helps not necessarily their soul, but ours (those who remain in this world).

All the best!

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Welcome to our community @natalie Sending you love and comfort in your time of loss and need.
No your prayers, spells and rituals will not cause her any problems. Religious beliefs are personal and for yourself. Sending something with energy and love into the universe is always accepted even if another belief system, the idea is still the same.
Much Love and a long hug.

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